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Master in Hospitality Management

The field of Hospitality Management combines business knowledge with the concepts of hospitality, and it is an ideal field for people who are vivacious about life and people and are interested in working in different locations all over the world. Although such individuals can become hospitality managers with an undergraduate degree and experience working in hotels, spas, and restaurants, but a Master in Hospitality Management may be preferred by some hospitality-related organizations due to the advanced knowledge in management principles imparted in the Hospitality Management master programs.

Featured Programs

Capella University

  • MS - Project Management: IT
  • MS - Leadership
  • MS - Human Resource Management

Walden University Online

  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Leadership - Leader Development
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Leadership - Innovation and Technology
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Accounting - Self-Designed

Colorado Technical University Online

  • M.S. Business Admin-Accounting
  • M.S. Business Admin-Human Resources
  • M.S. Business Admin-Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Scope of Hospitality Management Master Programs
Some universities offer a Master in Hospitality Management with more focus on hospitality concepts such as food, etiquettes, etc. while others offer a Master in Business Administration program in Hospitality Management that concentrate more on business subjects. The Master of Hospitality Management program usually requires lesser time than an MBA program and can be completed in twelve months. Students also have the option of specializing in tourism, restaurant management, Asian traditions, etc. Furthermore, several universities offer an online version of their master programs in hospitality management that can be utilized by working professionals for enhancing their resume and achieving management-level positions without leaving their current jobs.
The following courses are usually a part of a Master in Hospitality Management program:

  • Hotel Administration
  • Restaurant Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Tourism Management
  • Revenue Management

Admission Requirements
A GRE or GMAT is usually required for admission in a Master of Hospitality Management program. Moreover, some universities prefer relevant work experience especially from students who want to complete the program using a fast pace. It is ideal to have an undergraduate degree in management or business as this way the students have a good foundation for learning the ropes of hospitality management. Students aiming to become hospitality managers should have amicable personalities and should have no problem in dealing with people from different ethnic backgrounds.
Career Prospects
People with a Master in Hospitality Management can work as managers in restaurants, spas, resorts, hotels, etc. Later on, they can start their own business and earn profit while managing their own restaurant

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