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Hospitality Management Degrees

Hospitality management degree programs are fast becoming popular across the globe. Students who pursue these programs can increase their chances and profile for working in positions in all sorts of hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and various hospitality departments.

Types of Programs
Hospitality management programs in the US include both basic level trainings as well as advanced level courses. The selection of a program depends on the career needs and aspirations of the students. Learners can choose to enroll in a hospitality management program such as:

  • Associate’s degree in hospitality management 
  • Bachelor's degree in hospitality management
  • Master's degree in hospitality management (MBA)

Featured Programs

Capella University

American InterContinental University Online

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Operations Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Colorado Technical University Online

Associate’s degree in Hospitality Management
In an associate’s degree program, students learn the basics of hospitality management. Learners are taught about:

  • Business Management
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Hotel And Restaurant Marketing
  • Restaurant Management
  • Hospitality Laws
  • Management Hiring Practices

This hospitality management program enables students to improve their prospects of finding employment in positions such as:
  • Assistant food and beverage manager
  • Banquet sales coordinator
  • Management trainee
  • Guest services manager

Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management
This hospitality management training prepares learners to meet the management requirements of the evolving global hospitality industries. It enables learners to have an in-depth analysis of this sector and provides them with theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. The bachelor’s degree program in hospitality management generally includes subjects like:

  • Fundamentals of Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • International Tourism
  • Destinations and Cultures
  • Hospitality Information Technology
  • Financial Analysis in the Hospitality Industry
  • Human Resource Management

Students with this degree are able to increase their chances of finding employment with hotels, restaurants and other related businesses.

Master's Degree in Hospitality Management (MBA)
This hospitality management program is quite popular as compared to others. With a master’s degree in hospitality managements, individuals can possibly advance their career into positions of greater responsibility. Some of the prominent job options available to holders of this degree are positions such as:
  • Hospitality Management Consultant
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Hospitality Franchisee
  • Hospitality Finance Director

Online Hospitality Management Program Option
The students who wish to qualify for positions in the hotel industry without compromising their current professional routines can enroll in an online hospitality management program. The distance learning programs can be more manageable than the regular programs offered in hospitality management. This is for the reason that they offer more flexibility to manage the studies. Also, their cost is much lower compared to the conventional programs. Professionals who are already working in the hospitality industry can easily opt for these trainings without give up work to pursue higher education in this field.

According to O*NET, careers related to hospitality such as food service managers and lodging managers have median wages of $47,960 and $46,810 respectively.

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Q:Can I study the Hotel Management degree program without being formally admitted in the program?

A:With permission of the faculty adviser, there are some universities that allow students to study for the Hotel Management Degree without being formally admitted. Such students are regarded as ‘non-matriculated’ and remain in this category until or unless they are formally admitted through proper channel.

Q:What are the common areas of study in the Associate Hospitality degree?

A:The Associate Hospitality degree program includes Business Management, Hospitality Operations, Hotel and Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant Management, Hospitality Laws and Management Hiring Practices.

Q:Can distance learning hospitality management degrees be pursued?

A:Yes, there are various institutions offering distance learning hospitality management degree programs. Penn Foster Career School, South University, DeVry University and Kaplan University Online are a few popular ones offering this degree program online.

Q:Which university offers the best online hotel management programs?

A:Online Hotel Management programs are offered by a variety of schools and universities such as the Schiller International University, Kaplan University and Penn Foster Career School. These are amongst the well reputed institutes offering distance learning programs in Hotel Management. Students can opt for associate, bachelor or master's level degrees at these universities and schools and earn their degrees much faster than the traditional programs.

Q:What are your arguments about restaurant hospitality management programs taken online?

A:Restaurant and Hospitality Management programs are offered online via a bunch of accredited online schools. All that matters is that the online institute you chose should be accredited. Beyond that, all online schools have the same content as the campus based schools. In fact, online schools help save a lot of extra costs such as travel expenses. Online hospitality management classes also allow students the flexibility of scheduling their own classes and taking the course at their own pace.

Q:How long does it take to complete online Hospitality Management degrees?

A:Online Hospitality Management degrees are self paced programs and have no specified time duration. Students can't take as much time as they desire to complete the program. They schedule their own classes and take them from anywhere in the world with an internet connection only. However, on average, online students also take the same time as the on-campus students.

Q:How long it take to complete a degree in Hospitality Management?

A:Hospitality Management degree programs can be opted at the associate, bachelor, and master's level. The associate in hospitality management can be completed within two years, the bachelor in hospitality management in four years and the masters in hospitality management in another two years. The above mentioned programs can be opted online as well. Online programs are self-paced; hence, there is no duration restriction on online programs.

Q:What is the Hotel Management degree salary and what kind of job will I get?

A:Hotel Management degree salary highly depends on the sector you are working in as well as which degree you have. The pay scale is different and depends on these factors. With a degree in this field you can get job anywhere in the food industry, ranging from hotels, restaurants to government sector of food management.

Q:As I read about the Hospitality Management programs, there was mention of the course on English Composition. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common too get to read about the course on English Composition while going through the Hospitality Management Programs. This course usually is worth 2 credits in total. It is designed to provide students with strong understanding of the basic writing skills and how to improve on that. Hands on experience is also added in this course.

Q:Will a degree in hospitality management provide me with all I need to know to work in a hotel complex?

A:Like many academic qualifications, there is only so much you can learn in the classroom; and like many career paths, you will learn a lot through hands-on experience once you start work. Also no hotels are identical so you will always have to be flexible and adaptable to most situations. A degree in this field will provide with a good foundation and understanding of how the industry works and will prove invaluable.

Q:What is hospitality management?

A:Hospitality management is the academic study of the hospitality industry. In the past, many drifted into the industry and much of the learning was undertaken 'on the job'. In the modern hospitality industry, especially at management level, organizations would expect to see some kind of formal education. A hospital management degree would equip you with the skills you need to build a successful degree in this field.

Q:Is hospitality management training necessary for a career in the hospitality industry?

A:It is not compulsory to undertake a program for a career in the hospitality, many enter this sector with very little formal education. However, to progress to management level, it would be useful to demonstrate your interest by completing an academic program related to the hospitality, as an employer would expect to see it.

Q:I am thinking of a hospitality management degree online. What kind of things can I expect to learn?

A:You will be studying an all matter of topics that will be useful for someone in the hotel and leisure industry. This could include learning about marketing techniques, customer service, facilities management, health and safety laws, greens management to name but a few. There are a number of optional subjects always available so you can design your degree around your career intentions.

Q:What are the benefits of an online degree in hospitality management?

A:Hospitality management is one of the growing professional sectors nowadays. You can prepare for this field by enrolling in an online degree in hospitality management. There are a number of benefits of online education such as the following: low costs, flexibility and convenience, self-paced programs, no travelling and text book expenses, and easy to manage.

Q:What are the main curriculum components of an online restaurant management degree?

A:The curriculum of an online restaurant management program entails a number of subjects that students must study. These include areas such as strategy and management, data analysis, small business development, culinary management, basic food production, nutrition, facilities management, financial accounting, and HR. It is important to remember that the coursework will vary from school to school.

Q:A restaurant management degree online can be pursued at undergraduate and graduate level only?

A:Restaurant management degree programs are gaining popularity due to the growing field of culinary arts and hospitality. This area can be pursued at all levels of higher education, ranging from associate degree programs to masters degree programs. Students can also study restaurant management at non-degree levels. There are many schools offering certificate and diploma programs.

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