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Construction management refers to the process by which the use of human resources, materials and equipment is planned and coordinated in order to complete a project keeping in view the time and budget available. Construction managers are responsible for overseeing the construction of physical structures as well as the supervising of remodeling and renovation projects. Such professionals are involved at every stage of the project from inception to design to planning and monitoring. Construction managers are required to make plans and assign workers, machinery and materials while also ensuring that safety requirements are met. They are also responsible for ensuring all required permits, licenses and building regulations are in order.

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Construction Management Degrees
In order to make a successful career for yourself in the construction management field, it is important to gain the right educational qualifications. Degrees can be found at the Associate, Bachelor and Master levels for those interested. PhD level degrees are also available. Some of the most common degrees that can be picked from are:

  • Associate of Arts in Building Construction
  • Associate of Science in Construction Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
  • Master of Science in Construction Management
  • Master of Construction Engineering Management

Other related degrees are in subjects such as construction science and civil engineering. Those enrolled in a construction management program will learn about the entire construction process combined with business and management principles. Students in such programs are required to take courses which include:
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Architectural sciences
  • Engineering
  • Site planning
  • Project development
  • Scheduling
  • Contract management
  • Building codes and procedures
  • Inspection procedures

Students also learn how to use software which will help them in tasks involving costing, scheduling and job estimations. As construction managers are required to work with many people including clients, supervisors, designers and others, communication skills, both written and oral are very important. Leadership skills are also of great importance in this career.

Careers for Construction Management Professionals
Graduates of a construction management program can find a variety of employment options available to them depending on their level of qualification. In order to ensure you start your career on the best footing, it is recommended to gain a Bachelor degree in the area first. Construction managers can be found working for government agencies, real estate developers, construction companies, architectural firms, engineering companies, general building contractors and others. Some construction management professionals also work for specialty trade firms such as electrical, plumbing and heating contractors. Those who have a lot of experience in the field may work as independent consultants or may set up their own construction companies.

As construction procedures are improved and safety and environmental factors become more important, those who are formally trained in this field will be more in demand. Employers prefer hiring someone who along with a degree in construction management also has work experience. The average salary for a construction manager can range between US dollars 54,000 – 101,000.

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Q:What are the general courses included in the curriculum of Online Construction Management Degrees?

A:The curriculum of Online Construction Management Degrees consists of a number of general courses and a number of elective courses. Important courses that are build the foundation of knowledge in this field include: safety management, building codes and procedures, principles of building construction, cost estimating and analysis, mechanical systems, legal issues in construction, contracts and documents, and many more.

Q:What is the coursework for online construction management degrees?

A:Construction management is a complicated task and to efficiently manage these tasks, you need to get professional training. There are construction management degrees that can be taken online. They aim to provide the student with project management fundamental concepts, human resource management, knowledge of construction materials, equipment, architectural basics, engineering and contract planning etc.

Q:At what levels of education can I find a construction management online degree?

A:Construction management online degree programs are available at all post-secondary levels of education. These include bachelor degree in construction management, master's degree in construction management, and an associate degree in construction management. Apart from these, students can also opt for short courses, diploma programs, and certificate programs in this field.

Q:Can you name a few of the basic subjects I will have to study in an online construction management degree?

A:Construction management degree programs cover a wide range of basic topics and advanced topics. These focus on various aspects of the construction management. If you enroll in this program, some of the fundamental courses you will study include the following: project scheduling, design development, construction law, safety and health, estimation techniques, and construction industry.

Q:How shall I fund my construction management degree?

A:You can opt for a number of different financial aid programs to help fund your degree program. Since costs are on the rise, many students are looking external sources of finance to help cover their educational expenses. Loans, grants, work-study programs, and scholarship programs are among the most popularly pursued federal aid options. On the other hand, there are a number of private loans that you can also consider.

Q:What are some of the core courses offered in the construction management classes online?

A:The courses offered in construction management classes online can vary according to the different institutes. Most of these courses focus on the technical and management aspects of a construction manager's job. The major courses offered include construction methods and technology, the construction process, legal principles and practices, and construction financial and cost control.

Q:What are the essential personal qualities that will help me succeed in the career, along with the construction management online courses?

A:Apart from the construction management online courses, you need to have some personal qualities to achieve a competitive edge in the construction industry. You need to be honest and ethical as this job requires a lot of integrity. Attention to detail, dependability, leadership, and initiative are also some of the vital traits of a construction manager.

Q:Can you give me some tips to perform well in the online construction management courses?

A:In order to perform well in the online construction management courses, you need to stay consistent and focused. You can enhance your performance by going through the previous lectures before starting a new one, taking part in class discussions, asking questions from the instructor, regularly practicing exercises, revising notes, and by reading the latest trends and practices of the construction industry.

Q:How can I choose among the different construction management degrees online?

A:In order to make the best possible choice among the different construction management degrees online, you need to keep in mind certain important factors. One key factor is the accreditation of the online program which determines its quality as well as acceptance by the employers. Other important factors include the repute of the school, qualification of faculty, curriculum and courses offered, learning resources used, tuition cost and placement rate.

Q:Do construction management courses online have the same value as the ones that are offered on campus?

A:There is no reason why construction management courses online will be valued lower than the traditional on campus courses. If you are going for an accredited online program, it will not have a lesser value. An online program only provides more convenience and flexibility to the students, but the curriculum and courses are very similar to ones that are offered on campus. Many reputed universities are also offering online programs which indicate the credibility of online education.

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