Associates Degree in Communications

Students can make their way into the world of communications by earning associate of communications degrees. These programs enable learners to pursue rewarding careers in various fields. By enrolling in associate of communications degree programs students can learn different aspects of marketing, advertising, promotions and public relations.

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Degree Coverage

Students in associate of commutations degree programs cover subjects such as:

  • Communication Law and History
  • Communication Ethics
  • Comparative Media
  • New Media
  • Communication and Social Change

This program takes 2 years to complete and prepares students get entry level positions within various sectors. Earning this degree enables students to enroll in bachelor's degree programs in communications.

Admission Criteria

Students need to have high school diploma or GED in order to enroll in associate of communications degree programs. General understanding of communication and media is also helpful to enroll in these training programs.


There are a number of jobs that students with associate of communications degrees can get. They can work in sectors such as:

Associate of communications Online Degree Programs

Other than enrolling in the regular associate of communications degree programs students can also get into these training online. Students who have limited financial resources can enroll in online associate of communications programs. Also, individuals who wish to find rewarding jobs in communications sector in an easy way can enroll in these programs from the comfort of their own home.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Are there any jobs in the marketing with an associates degree in communications?

A:Yes. There are numerous attractive jobs in the marketing with an associates degree in communications. It is widely in demand. Upon graduation,you can get employed in field like, Public relations, Marketing and Advertising.

Q:What is the scope of an associates degree in communications?

A:This degree will improve your verbal, written and visual skills, knowledge, and educational credentials. This distinguished profile will provide you with an edge when you apply for different jobs. It will also enable you to work in entry level positions in various fields. Traditionally graduates are employed in the professions of journalism, professional writing, public relations, marketing and communication.

Q:If I want to be in the marketing field can I start with an associate communications program?

A:Associate communications is a two year long program offered by various institutes. It is an important subject that focuses on how to deal with human resource, clients and maintain business or other relations. This degree can be a stepping stone towards a career in public relations, marketing, advertising and related fields.

Q:How can an associate in communications help for an advertising career?

A:Associate in communications focuses on dealing with one another and getting the right message across for various purposes. The part of delivering the right message is what advertising caters to as it aims to sell the message for marketing purpose. Subjects such as communication ethics, handling delicate situations, maintaining trust and credibility are both related to communications and advertising.

Q:With an associate in communications degree programs what kind of jobs can I get?

A:In the age we live in, communication has gained tremendous importance and professionals who are good at it are required in organizations for various purposes. With an associate degree you can get entry level positions in the field. Associate in communications degree programs gives the basics on communication and on maintaining effective relations to achieve ends.

Q:What are the benefits of going for an online associate in communication?

A:If you plan on going for an online associate in communication, you can avail several benefits that are not usually a part of traditional on campus programs. Online programs offer a lot of flexibility and convenience to students, as they can make their own schedule and study at their own pace. Besides, online programs are cost effective, as you save on extra costs such as travelling, textbooks, and hostel accommodation.

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