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Bachelor in Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most sought-after degrees in the business field. The increasing number of of private business and the expansion of various industries have created a lot of employment opportunities for those with business administration degrees.

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A Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate degree program offered by many universities. In the initial study period, students are introduced to the principles of business while some universities may required externships in the last few months of the program. The purpose of this is to acquaint the student with practical experience and expose them to possibilities they might face in the business arena. Bachelor of Business Administration is a good option if you want to move on to a Master in Business or Business Administration in the future.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree are expected to know the basics of marketing, accounting, human resource management and some of the key courses of the degree are managerial accounting, ethical & legal principles of business, business law, international business, business policy, microeconomics, macroeconomics, principles of accounting and industrial psychology.

The business sector constitutes a sizable market. The most popular jobs are usually available with private businesses and organizations that are willing to pay well for trained individuals. You can also work as a business researcher; apply for managerial-level positions or be a financial analyst and human resource specialist. The median wage for say business intelligence analysts of which most have relevant bachelor's degree, is $81,140 annually as of 2012, according to O*NET. This income level tends to increase for those in the business market that acquire substantial experience in the related departments.

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Q:How long is the Bachelor of Business program?

A:The Bachelor of Business program can be completed within 4 years. Online programs provide the students with the flexibility of completing this program at their own pace.

Q:What are the various areas of specialization offered at the Business Administration Schools?

A:Logistics Management, Project Management, Computer Information Systems, Business Administration, Business Technology, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Public Administration, Supply Chain Management, Quality Assurance and Control, and Organizational Management are a few popular areas of specialization offered in the Business Administration Schools.

Q:What is the next step after completing a bachelor in business administration?

A:Once you complete a Bachelor in Business Administration degree, you can either choose to join the workforce straight away or continue your education. If you choose to do the latter, you can go for a Master's in Business Administration degree. You can find lucrative career opportunities with a BBA degree and still continue your education by enrolling into a Master's degree online. This way, you will be gaining experience and extra education at the same time.

Q:Name top business schools that offer bachelor of business administration degree programs?

A:There are many business schools that offer bachelor of business administration degrees to students. Renowned business schools include International Business College in Indianapolis, Southern States University, Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia, SMU Cox School of Business in Dallas, San Diego University for Integrative Studies, Lally School of Management and Technology, Carlos Albizu University, University of Notre Dame n University of Virginia in Charlottesville, and New York University.

Q:Will an administration bachelor business degree online leave me with enough time to continue my current job?

A:The main advantage of going for an online degree as opposed to an on-campus degree is that the study schedule of an administration bachelor business degree online is flexible and can be set to fit into your current work schedule. You will not have to attend classes at a physical campus as you can easily take classes from home at your own convenience.

Q:What are my further study options after a bachelor business admin degree?

A:After you have completed your Bachelor in Business Administration degree, you have the option of going for a master's level degree. The most common master's degree that follows a BBA degree is the MBA (Master's in Business Administration). This degree takes 1-2 years to complete and can be followed by a doctorate which is the highest level of education in business administration.

Q:Is it possible to complete my bachelor business administration degree in less than 4 years?

A:While a regular Bachelor in Business Administration degree takes 3 to 4 years to complete, you always have the option of enrolling into an accelerated degree course that will help you complete the degree sooner. An accelerated program is designed in a way that the syllabus and coursework is covered in lesser time and the whole degree can be completed in as few as 2 years.

Q:Name a few important courses studied in bachelor degree business administration?

A:The bachelor degree in business administration is a four year undergraduate program offered by numerous business schools. The curriculum of the degree program is comprises of a number of various course related to business and finance. Important courses studied throughout the degree include: marketing, finance, human resource management, strategic management, services management, advertisement and promotion, business development, managerial finance, and entrepreneurship.

Q:Are there any prerequisites for bachelor degree in Business Administration with concentration in Human Resource Management?

A:The Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management has no particular prerequisites for the program since it is an undergraduate level degree. The program requires students to produce a high school diploma or an equivalent GED. It requires two letters of recommendations and a statement of purpose to be submitted along the admission form.

Q:What concentration areas are offered in a Bachelor Of Arts Business Administration degree program?

A:The Bachelor of Arts business administration degree program is equivalent to a undergraduate degree. Students can pick through a number of concentration courses offered in the program. Following are a few concentration courses: finance, marketing, operations management, project management, information systems, human resource management, international management, entrepreneurship, and public administration. These courses are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge of the field.

Q:Is the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree program available online?

A:Yes. The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degrees are available at the various online institutes listed on our website. Some of the most popular schools offering this degree online consist of University of the Incarnate Word, Southern New Hampshire University, American InterContinental University Online, DeVry University Online, Walden University Online, Western International University

Q:What is the benefit of opting for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree online?

A:The online Bachelor of Business Administration degree allows students to take up day time jobs and complete their education after office timings. The online program benefits them to gain education from the ease of home other than rushing to classes after work. It saves the travel time and costs and allows students to schedule their own classes and complete only as much course as they can absorb in one class. The online Bachelor of Business Administration degree is also less expensive as compared to the campus-based degree.

Q:Which specializations can I pursue in the Bachelor of Business Administration online program?

A:There are several areas of concentration offered in the Bachelor of Business Administration program offered online. The most popular specialization areas include Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Marketing, Business Analyst Management, Technical Management, Information Systems, Services Management, Sustainable Enterprise Management, and Business Law.

Q:As I read on the article relating to the next step after bachelor in business administration, there was mention of the course on Intermediate Accounting. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is common to get to read about the course on Intermediate Accounting while going through the articles on next step after Bachelor in Business Administration. This course is worth 4 credits in total and highlights on making the students study the principles of intermediate accounting. You also get to know the various practices of financial reporting.

Q:As I read an article on is a Bachelor of Business Administration lucrative, there was mention of the course on Microeconomics. What are the contents of this course?

A:It is quite common to get to see the mention of the course on Microeconomics while reading articles like "Is a Bachelor of Business Administration Lucrative". This course is worth 4 credits in total. It is designed to provide the students with info regarding the functioning as well as effectiveness of the individual markets for the purpose of resource allocation.

Q:A bachelors in business administration degree can be pursued in which major areas?

A:You can earn a degree in business administration in the following specialization areas: finance and accounting, marketing, human resource management, supply chain management, merchandising, organizational behavior, e-business, and international business. The area you choose to specialize in will affect the type of job you can apply for in the future.

Q:Tell me about bachelors of business administration?

A:It'll take you four years to complete your Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The degree program is considered complete after you have achieved your 120 credit points. In the first years, students get acquainted with the principles of business, which is encouraged to give students a practical experience of the kind of situations they can expect in real life business situations. An internship is considered mandatory by some universities in this aspect.

Q:By the end of an online bachelors degree business administration, what skills will I have?

A:A bachelor degree in business administration will help you understand the various principles used in today's business environments. You will not only develop a sound conceptual understanding of management, but will also develop communication skills, managerial skills, problem solving skills, and leadership skills. These skills are necessary to become a good manager or a business leader.

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