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An Advertising Degree prepares you for careers in marketing and promoting products. The advertising sector has a high demand for creative people who can understand consumers. While it welcomes people from many different backgrounds in business, psychology and fine art, one of the best ways to break into the field is through an Advertising Degree.

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What does an Advertising Degree involve?
An Advertising Degree attempts to teach a diverse set of skills. The core courses focus on marketing. Students develop an understanding of how products are sold in the marketplace. They learn how each product is defined uniquely in terms of its attributes and target market. This training in business skills helps students understand how to focus on the core message of an advertising campaign.

There are several courses on general and consumer psychology. Students of an Advertising Degree need to understand how consumers think while making a purchasing decision. An Advertising Degree trains you on how to develop an emotional connection with consumers so that advertisements have a stronger impact on them.

An Advertising Degree also attempts to develop design and fine arts skills in students. People working in advertising will often need to develop advertising concepts through quick sketches and storyboards. An Advertising Degree thus involves significant practical work to develop relevant skills. Students will get a chance to propose themes for different advertising campaigns. An Advertising Degree will often involve interaction with industry professionals to judge advertising ideas and provide feedback to student efforts.

There is an increasing emphasis on quantitative skills in an Advertising Degree. Employees of advertising agencies need to be able to measure the success of their advertising campaigns. This is represented as statistical data indicating the proportion of people reached and the monetary return obtained. Much of advertising is moving online and thus an Advertising Degree is focusing on technical and computer skills so that those in advertising can devise successful campaigns for the online world.

Can I complete an Advertising Degree online?
An Advertising Degree is one of the most popular offerings of online colleges. These online courses comprise of video lectures that can be downloaded and watched at your convenience. Tutorials and assignments can be completed and submitted online. Many of these online programs are developed through feedback with employers. This ensures that the programs are up to date with the current demands of the industry.

What are my career prospects after an Advertising Degree?
The largest employer of graduates of an Advertising Degree are advertising agencies that are responsible for managing campaigns for many other companies. Such agencies are keen to hire people who have a flair for design and communicating a message. They are particularly interested in portfolios of past work experience. The projects you complete in the course of your Advertising Degree would provide an excellent portfolio to increase your chances of a job offer. Besides advertising agencies, all consumer companies maintain a high demand for graduates of an Advertising Degree to manage the in-house aspects of advertising.

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Q:How many credits are there in the Bachelors of advertising degrees program?

A:The Bachelors of Advertising degree program usually has around 120 credits.These programs can be completed in 4 years. Many schools like the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division offer online advertising degree as well, which can be completed at your own pace.

Q:Can you tell me the benefits of going for an advertising degree online?

A:If you are going for an advertising degree online, you can avail several benefits that are not a part of on campus programs. Online programs are quite convenient and flexible, allowing students to make their own schedule and learn at their own pace. Working professionals can also enroll in online programs, as these programs can fit in their hectic schedule. Besides, online programs are cost effective as students do not incur additional costs such as travelling or hostel accommodation.

Q:Can you tell me about the core courses offered in an online advertising degree?

A:The core courses offered in online advertising degree help students to have a solid foundation in the field of advertising. These courses also prepare students for the advanced courses in advertising. Courses include mass communication, writing for media professionals, advertising and society, principles and practices of advertising, digital communication, fundamentals of creative development, design and new media, and strategic and brand solutions.

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