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Online Learning - Give Your CV a Boost

If you get a chance to visit The Department of Labor’s official website, search ‘quits’ , you will come face to face with a startling fact. More than two million Americans quit their job for one reason or another in 2013. This was when the unemployment rate was at 7.8%.


Everyone likes to complain about their job. It’s like a national past time all over the world. If it’s not the boss, then it’s the co workers or maybe the work hours. Another major reason for quitting is being passed over for a promotion or feeling stagnant in your career. When that happens, it’s quite natural to blame everyone in the room except that one person who could’ve made a difference.

A CV is like a reflection of your skills, accomplishments and experience. You may have the right degree, and the perfect performance record, but sometimes this may not be enough.  According to an article, “7 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Promoted”,published in Forbes Magazine,” major reasons why employees don’t get promoted is due to lack of skills and that something “extra” which makes an ordinary employee ‘the right person for the job’. It may sound unfair, but in today’s tough job market, employers are constantly looking for people who are eager to learn, have the credentials, and are willing to go the extra mile.

Keeping your CV updated is smart, but adding skills and qualifications to it, is Smarter.

Everyone Needs a Leg Up – So Does Your CV

Online learning may seem a little farfetched for some, but here are a couple of statistics. According to a survey published by Babson Survey Research Group in Jan 2013, 77% of academic leaders rated online learning the same as or superior to traditional education. This percentage was just 57.2% a decade earlier.

Online degree programs are offered by many schools, a few Ivy League institutes included. Business, arts, nursing, engineering, management, information technology, and healthcare administration are just a few being offered. You can pursue an online degree (graduate or undergraduate) in almost any academic area - depending upon your career goal and what looks good on your CV.

How can Online Learning be of Service?

There are some sections on your CV employers closely look at. Qualifications, Trainings and Certifications are areas that can essentially make or break a CV. Online learning could help in this regard. Distance learning schools offer degrees, certifications and trainings online. This medium, in the right hands, can do wonders for someone willing to put in the hours. A certification, for example, basically proves an individual’s expertise in a specific field or task.

Here are a couple of scenarios you may consider,

Scenario No 1: Your organization just landed a big contract from one of the biggest retailers in Europe and the management is looking for someone with the right expertise to spearhead the project. A Business Communication Certificate on your CV along with your track record may get you noticed.

Scenario No 2: Your employer has decided to invest in Green Energy and they need someone to do the leg work. Someone with training in Green Building and Community Sustainability may be just what they are looking for.

There can be a million scenarios and possibilities if you have the right training and expertise on your CV.

Why Online Learning may Work for you!

Going back to school may sound hard, but if 7.1 million (Babson Survey Research Group) are doing it, so can you.

Here is why millions of students and working professionals in the US are enrolling in distance learning programs:

Flexibility and Self-Paced - Online programs are flexible. Some institutes may also offer customized programs that fit individual schedules.

No Attendance Required - You don’t have to worry about rushing to class every day. You can study from any location as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Low Cost - College education could burn a hole in your pocket. And saving may be the difference between debt free and being neck deep in loans. You may not be able to save much on tuition, however saving on transportation and accommodation may help your wallet breathe easy.

Convenient Timings - You can study whenever you want to. This means you don’t have to miss out on work or quality family time. This is one of the major reasons why online learning is suitable for someone who works full-time or is a stay-at-home parent.

Enroll with Caution: Online learning may offer quite a few benefits, however, it’s not by any means a walk in the park. When enrolled in an online program, you will need to be self disciplined otherwise it just won’t work. Working every day and not missing any deadlines will be the key to success. So before you take the plunge (enroll) make sure you have the strength to cross oceans.

Improving CV by adding skills and qualifications is just like investing in your future. Even if you feel these might not matter and you’re just wasting your time and money, an employer or a headhunter somewhere, may be wishing for a CV that has all the right skills and experience.

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