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5 of the Highest Paying Jobs in 2014

Ready to make more money in 2014! The idea of earning a higher income is an incredible motivator to go back to school and getting a degree, particularly for anyone looking for a career change.

Thanks to the increased affordability and accessibility of online programs, getting a degree has become a reality for many.

Software/App Developer

Software developers make: $90,000/year
What software or app developers do: Software developers analyze users' needs to design, develop and test computer or mobile programs and applications.

You would be required to:

  • Design, develop and modify software systems, using scientific analyses and models.
  • Troubleshoot existing software or applications.
  • Develop testing and validation procedures, programming, and documentation.
  • Analyze information to determine installation plans of new systems or modification of an existing one.

Best college degree: Bachelors in computer science or software engineering.


Anesthesiologists make: $187,200/year
What anesthesiologists do: Anesthesiologists administer drugs that reduce or eliminate pain during medical procedures and major surgeries.

  • Monitor patients before, during and after the drug has been administered
  • Administer anesthetic or sedatives during medical procedures and surgeries
  • Confer with doctors and surgeons to determine the type and method of sedation or medication.

Best college degree: Anesthesiologists must complete a rigorous and lengthy amount of schooling to become licensed. This includes a Bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry or other pre-med areas, four years of medical school, where you’ll receive a degree in medicine or osteopathy, plus at least one year in an internship and three years of residency.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers make: $90,000/year
What petroleum engineers do: Petroleum engineers help locate and extract oil from below the earth’s surface by building new wells or improving production from existing ones.

You would be required to:

  • Estimate the production ability and economic value of oil and gas wells. Also evaluate the economic viability of potential drilling sites.
  • Develop plans for drilling, recovery of materials, and treatment of extracted materials.
  • Direct and monitor the evaluation of wells.
  • Analyze data involved in making recommendations about the placement of wells.

Best college degree: Bachelors in petroleum engineering.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers make: $122,530/year
What air traffic controllers do: Air traffic controllers coordinate the movement of air traffic within the vicinity of the airport (in the air and on the ground).

  • Issue landing and takeoff authorizations.
  • Direct aircraft within assigned airspace and on the ground.
  • Inform pilots about hazardous conditions.
  • Provide flight path changes or directions for emergency landings for pilots.
  • Alert airport emergency services in cases of emergency.

Best college degree: You must attend a school that offers specialized programs set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration, called the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative. There are schools that offer associate degrees in applied science and Bachelors of Science in air traffic management, aerospace and other concentrations.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers make: $115,000/year
What marketing managers do: Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers devise programs that market and draw interest around a company’s products, services, or mission.

You would be required to:

  • Develop advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Allocate your marketing budget across myriad promotional activities.
  • Evaluate the look and feel of websites and landing pages used in campaigns, provide direction for and feedback on other creative assets used in advertisements, content marketing and imagery.

Best college degree: Bachelor's in marketing, communications, English or advertising.

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