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Educational programs that help in careers in fine and studio art
If you are looking to prepare for a career in fine and studio art, it would be ideal for you to complete a bachelor’s degree in this field which is offered by many institutions. Many of these institutions also offer a master’s degree in fine and studio art which will allow you to develop a specialization and give you more practice at planning and executing large and complex projects that may span several artistic mediums.

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Top jobs for those interested in careers in fine and studio art
The best jobs for those looking for careers in fine and studio art are with design consultancies and interior decorators. They are able to reward talent that understands what clients want. Some entrepreneurial individuals find that they are able to develop a personal portfolio and reputation that allows them to set up a personal design consultancy or practice.

Major sectors for careers in fine and studio art. The most popular careers in fine and studio art include:

The field of interior design deals with the design of living spaces including wooden paneling, floor and wall design. Careers in fine and studio art are also available in the industrial sector since people with background and experience in art are required. Many people looking for careers in fine and studio art find their calling in the teaching sector which proves to be one of the most stable and rewarding careers paths. A fair number of those looking for careers in fine and studio art find that they are most interested in freelancing and sharing their output with the public through exhibitions.

Specializations for careers in fine and studio art
There are many specializations available to those who seek careers in fine and studio art. Many people specialize in certain kinds of art like landscape or still life. Others choose to specialize by medium such as oils, watercolors or pastels. Still others who are interested in a specialty area such as interior design may opt for a specialization in wood, glass or other materials.

Statistics for careers in fine and studio art
If you pursue careers in fine and studio art, you can earn over $30,000 annually when you are starting out. But there are chances to specialize and after some work experience you should expect your compensation to rise over $50,000. In fact, if you choose to set up your own private consultancy or practice you stand to earn a lot more. Careers in fine and studio art are thus a great choice for those creative individuals with a strong sense of aesthetics who would like to capitalize on their talents to work in art and design. Projected growth for careers in fine and studio art hovers at about 4%. Since the rate is not high it is all the more important to distinguish yourself through your talents.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:What are the prospects for Industrial Design careers for those interested in art?

A:The prospects for Industrial Design careers for those interested in Art are quite impressive. With the advancements and growth in engineering and project management, we can see that many companies that require building factories, assembly plants and corporate offices, require the hel and consultancy expertise of the Industrial Design executives that can provide them with thorough insight regarding how to design the setup in optimum fashion.

Q:Can you name a few careers in studio art?

A:There are many different careers you can pursue in studio arts. A few job positions you can consider are: cinematographer, photojournalist, art director, art critic, art restorer, photo stylist, conservator, studio manager, costume designer, public relations coordinator, creative consultant, calligrapher, and more. The job position you may qualify for will depend upon the level of your degree and specialization area.

Q:What kinds of art degrees careers are out there? Will I be able to find something that is close to my interests?

A:There are numerous art degrees related careers that are being practiced in this sector. It is such a broad industry that you are bound to find careers related to your area of interest. Some of the most popular ones include clothing design, graphics illustrators, ceramic designer, web designer, spatial designer and makeup artist.

Q:What kind of art jobs art studio are available out there?

A:Depending on the art and design degree that you have acquired, there will be different kinds of jobs that you can apply for in an art studio. These can range from a graphics programmer, photographer's assistant, art technician, a part-time teacher to an art director, creative arts studio coordinator and craft artist.

Q:What are some of the work requirements of the art studio jobs out there?

A:Well that depends on the kind of art related qualification that you might be possessing. The expected work related requirements can vary widely. For instance, if you end up working as a studio technician in an art studio, you can be expected to manage the studio equipment such as lights and cameras and prepare the set for a shoot.

Q:Can you name a few job positions that fall in the category of careers in fine and studio art?

A:With an associate degree in fine and studio art, you can choose from a wide range of careers such as the following: advertising artist, motion picture artist, display designer, graphist, CAD designer, color expert, photojournalist, art consultant, urban designer, calligrapher, airbrush artist, decorator, animator, layout artist, audio visual artist, catalog instructor, art dealer, and more.

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