Associates in Arts Degree

Associate of art and design degrees enable students to find scores of jobs within this area of specialization. Art and design is a wide field, having various degree options for students with different career goals. Learners can choose from a number of options including:

  • Associate of Art and Design in Animation
  • Associate of Art and Design in Compute graphic design
  • Associate of Art and Design in Culinary arts
  • Associate of Art and Design in Digital photography
  • Associate of Art and Design in Filmmaking
  • Associate of Art and Design in Interior design

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Associate of Art and Design Program Structure
An Associate of Art and Design degree can be completed in 2 years. Depending on the type of art and design degree, students learn about various aspects of this field. Some of the courses in these programs include:

  • Math
  • History
  • Natural sciences
  • Programming languages
  • Art theory
  • Music theory
  • Drama
  • Photography

Students who earn associate of art & design degrees can pursue higher degrees such as Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

Students can find entry level positions in various sectors by earning degrees in associate of arts and design. They can work as:

  • Multimedia artists
  • Printmakers
  • photographer
  • Craft artists
  • Fine artists

These professionals can earn up to $61,010 annually. However, the exact salary depends on the type of degree, experience and company in which ones find a job.

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:Can you name a few Associates in Arts and Design options for specialization?

A:Associates in Arts and Design can be pursued in various specializations such as graphic designing, animations, interior designing, fashion designing, film making and photography.

Q:Can you tell me about eligibilities for associates in art and design?

A:If you wish to acquire an associate's degree in art and design, you will need to fulfill certain requirements. Requirements may vary from one institute to another. However, general requirements include a high school diploma or GED. You may also require some previous experience or skills in art and design as well.

Q:What can be my career options after completing an associate of arts degree?

A:Normally, associate degrees lead to entry level positions. With an associate in art degree, you have an option to pursue careers such as multimedia artist, printmaker, photographer, craft artist, and fine artist. An associate degree can give you basic knowledge, while a bachelor's degree will give you a broader knowledge of art.

Q:What are some of the specializations that I will be able to do with the associates in arts degree?

A:While pursuing the associate arts degree students can further specialize their studies by focusing on courses such as; 3-D animation, computer graphics, photography, film-making, fashion design, interior design and animation. The chosen specialization can lead to varied career options for graduates in the future. Students can continue to study in their chosen field by choosing to do a bachelor's degree in the field.

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