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 Argosy University online programs are part of the overall high quality education offered by the university. Argosy University values relationship building and believes that relationships are the core of enhancing knowledge and professional success. Argosy University came into existence in 2001. The University is the amalgamation of the American School of Professional Psychology, University of Sarasota and Medical Institute of Minnesota. Today, Argosy University comprises of 5 colleges located at 19 different campus locations around the country.

Programs of Study

Argosy University online provides a variety of different curriculum to the online community. The University offers undergraduate programs, Master's degrees and doctoral programs in various disciplines through the following colleges:

  • College of psychology and behavioral sciences
  • College of education
  • College of business
  • College of health sciences
  • College of professional psychology

Argosy University has exponentially expanded their undergraduate programs and now provides specialized courses and majors in criminal justice, business administration, liberal arts and psychology as well.

Online Programs

Argosy University Online has expanded their presence and curriculum to various states of the country. Argosy University provides online education to the student and professional communities of Illinois, Washington, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Minnesota, Tennessee and Texas. The Argosy University online program curriculum has been enhancing the skill-sets of individuals and communities for over eight years. Argosy University online programs help students to follow their dreams at their own convenience. The flexible learning options and success stories associated with the Argosy University online programs have built the reputation of the university. Now, hundreds of students and professionals choose to enroll in the online programs offered here in order to become doctors, teachers, management professionals and even scientists. Argosy University provides the right learning environment and enables students to grow at their own pace and in their own time.

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Q:Are there any Argosy University online programs?

A:Yes. Argosy University offers numerous online programs that include bachelor's, associate's and master's degree programs that emphasize on specific courses such as, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Liberal Arts and Business Administration.

Q:Are there any Argosy University online programs?

A:Yes. You can find various Argosy online programs at our website.

Q:What are the various colleges of Argosy University?

A:The various colleges of Argosy University are, college of psychology and behavioral science, College of education, college of business, college of health sciences and college of professional psychology.

Q:Is Argosy a Christian university?

A:Argosy University is built on Christian values, with a broader acceptance of multi ethnic groups of students and faculty, creating a very healthy and friendly environment, perfect for comprehensive learning.

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