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Did you know that surveillance and security cameras may be among the most effective crime-fighting tools nowadays?

According to CNN, violent crimes in the US have dropped in recent years, with murders dropping 0.7% and robberies dropping by 4%.  Experts believe one of the major reasons for this decline was the use of surveillance cameras.

When we hear the word “spy camera”, Hollywood blockbusters such as Mission Impossible may instantly pop up in our heads. There’s no denying that Hollywood has likely glamorized the use of spy cameras. But it would be wrong to assume that these cameras are only used by covert agencies. These nifty little gadgets can now be bought by anyone. Spy cams are not illegal to buy. Many purchase these devices when they suspect or anticipate foul play.

Whether you want to find out who is stealing cookies from the cookie jar, or you want to know how your babysitter treats your child in your absence, install a security camera. There’s nothing more important than the security of your family and property.

Types of Spy Cameras

There are many different types of spy cameras, each designed for a different purpose. Some can be concealed in clothes while others can be hidden in objects at home. Some hidden cameras are manufactured specifically for outdoor surveillance. Here are a few worth considering:

Do you need a Spy Cam?

Before you head out to get a spy cam, you should make sure you actually need one. Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself:

If any of the above questions is answered with a “yes”, the likely next step is to choose a spy cam that best fits your needs.

  • Wireless Camera

    This is a type of camera that is hidden and is used to capture videos and images. It is typically not attached to any other device and is portable. You can view the stored data later by connecting it to your laptop.

  • Wireless Surveillance Camera

    This is a closed circuit television camera used to transmit video and audio to a receiver. A wireless surveillance camera is usually battery-operated and can be placed in locations where wired cameras are impossible to install.

  • Spy Pen Camera

    The camera, as the name suggests, is disguised as a pen. With the press of a button, the pen will start recording videos and images that can be viewed later on. You may not be able to write anything with it, but it records everything.

  • Hidden Security Cameras

    Many parents use these hidden spy cameras to keep a watchful eye on their nanny, maid or babysitter. Hidden security cameras can come in the form of clocks, glasses, and even stuffed toys.

    • Do you suspect foul play in your home?
    • Are you recording a meeting and need evidence?
    • Do you have a nanny or maid and suspect foul play?
    • Do you think your spouse is cheating on you?
    • Do you live in a crime-ridden neighborhood?

If any of the above questions is answered with a “yes”, the likely next step is to choose a spy cam that best fits your needs.


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Q:Can I set up a Cam in almost every room?

A:Yes, it is possible for you to set up cameras in every room of your house. You would need to buy a number of wireless cameras and install them in each room or you can look for a CCTV security system setup, like the ones used in shopping malls. You may also contact a private security company that specializes in this area.

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