Remote Alarm

Ever been annoyed by having to rush back home, only to find out that the alarm went off for a reason you need not have worried about in the first place? And then found yourself wishing that you could just control it from a distant location, instead of having to run back home, or bother a neighbor to check things out? If yes, then you need to keep reading.

Remote alarms allow you to control the security system of your home from an offsite location. Whether you are in your office during the day, or out of town, these remote alarm systems can help you keep a watch on your house from a distance.

What Can You Do with a Remote Alarm System?

It gives you the option of having a 24/7 surveillance done by the person you trust the most, yourself.  

  • It allows you to keep a check on your home from work through the internet or via SMS. You could control the cameras, thermostat, lights, door locks and other devices at your home, with your phone and internet.

  • It could be used to keep tabs on your kids. If you are not around, you may use your company’s mobile app (if your company offers the service) to watch what’s happening in your home through cameras. If you have automated locks, you may even remotely open the doors to let the kids in after school; one of the better ways than keeping a spare key under a flower pot near the door mat.

Why Do You Need Them?

Sophisticated home security systems are not only becoming a norm among the general population but they are now practically a necessity. The purpose of having a home security system in place is defeated if there isn’t sufficient monitoring of suspicious activity.

  • React Faster than the Authorities: Even though your provider should be notified as soon as an alarm goes off in the house, or any suspicious activity is detected, you are advised to keep a check on your house yourself as well. Nobody knows your house better than you. You know every nook and corner well, and are aware of exactly what is hidden where. In case of a burglary, you can detect the missing items more quickly than the authorities. Keeping a check on the house yourself, will give you added protection.

Still not convinced?

Here are a few home related crime statistics; this is why security should be one of your major concerns:

  • In 2012, there was an estimated 2,159,878 burglaries

  • Of all burglaries, 60.5 percent involved forcible entry, 33.2 percent involved unlawful entries and the remaining 6.3 percent were forcible entries

  • Burglary offenses caused victims to suffer property losses to the tune of $4.6 billion

  • 1,246,248 people became victims of violent crimes in the US in 2010

  • In 2010, there were an estimated 6,185,867 larceny thefts in the country

*Statistics taken from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

These are just a few crimes off a long list of crime statistics released by the FBI. These figures should have convinced you by now that you not only need a good home security system, but should also invest in remote alarms to monitor this system and secure your home better.



Q:How does a remote alarm system work for home?

A:A remote alarm system makes use of a wireless network so the homeowner can monitor the security of his or home from just anywhere with the help of a smart phone, tablet, or a computer. With the remote alarm system you will receive notifications regarding the security of your home. You can also arm or disarm your system, adjust thermostats and lights, and view security camera feeds while sitting on a remote location.

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