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Home to Harley Davidson, Houdini and Cheese, the state of Wisconsin has something for everyone. The state is a great tourist destination with Department of Tourist calling it the third largest industry for the state. Walmart is the biggest employer here and the state is also a major producer of consumer goods. Having said all of this, Wisconsin has a darker side.    

Here are a few numbers related to crime in Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin experienced an 11.2% increase in violent crimes, with 280 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2012

  • A 0.1% increase in property crimes was experienced, with a total of 2,435 property crimes per 100,000 residents in the same year

  • The largest increase in murders was experienced during the year 2012 (19.4%)

[Wisconsin Department of Justice]

With the above mentioned numbers in mind, investing in home security systems could be a smart choice.

Home Security Systems in Wisconsin

A home alarm system could help you stay secure, and keep these dangerous individuals away from things and people you value the most. Getting a wireless or wired system with a set of integrated sensors and detectors could help cover all possible points of intrusion. Motion sensors, driveway alarms, door alarms, window breakage sensors etc are some of the components you may want to look into.

While you’re investing in a home alarm system, keep in mind that there are other dangers you need to look out for as well, for instance, the humidity levels in the city. This would be especially relevant if you store any perishable items at home that are prone to damage. In addition, your house could be at a serious risk of damage from mold or mildew, which is a result of high humidity levels. A temperature alarm would inform you, whenever there is an abnormal change in temperature.

Home Security Companies in WI

There are a number of companies in Wisconsin that offer home security services and products. Sounds like an overwhelming process. But don’t let that scare you away. All you need to know is a systematic way to go about things. Ask yourself a few basic questions:

  • How much money are you willing to spend?

  • What companies are your friends or neighbors suggesting or doing business with?

  • Is the company registered under the Wisconsin Department of Revenue?

  • What quality assurances do you have for the companies’ products?

  • How good is their customer service?

These simple questions will help you guide the process of short listing a few good companies and eventually arrive at one that suits your needs perfectly.

Crime could be both scary and traumatizing. But they shouldn’t stop you from living wherever you want. They should, on the other hand, encourage you to fight them. This could be possible by taking precautions and getting a home security system.


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