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Welcome to the city of arts and innovation, Winston-Salem. This city is known for its dedication to fine arts and is one of the most popular places to live in North Carolina. Winston-Salem has a diverse heritage, known for its historic roots in the tobacco industry, traditional furniture, and theater. Apart from its thriving economy and steady employment growth rate, the city can be a great place to live in. Many families in Winston-Salem have access to numerous municipal services, affordable education, and healthcare. There are many different types of neighborhoods that are suitable for living here. But the city’s main drawback is its crime rate. However all is not lost as property crimes in the city can be prevented with the help of home security systems.


Do You Really Need a Home Security System?

Most first time buyers tend to question the need and utility of a home security system . They believe that proper vigilance and care can completely eliminate the need for a security system. While care and vigilance is always required, getting a home security system is more useful than you think. Have a look:

  • Home alarm systems reduce crime: After a comprehensive 5-year long research at Rutgers University, it was discovered that there is a direct link between home security systems and reduction in crime rates. The study carried out intensive research, removing all other factors to properly analyze the actual impact of installation of a security system and subsequent lowering in residential crime rates.

  • Homes with security systems are 60% less likely to get burglarized:  Every 14 seconds, a burglary occurs somewhere in the United States. And most residential burglaries happen between 10am and 3pm, when home owners are typically out for work. Every year, $4.6 billion is lost due to such activities and police are only able to solve around 13% of the reported burglaries. These numbers should be enough to highlight the importance of a security system.

  • They can help you with other things: Home alarm systems are not just good for deterring criminal activities. There are a lot of other factors you can incorporate with a home security system. For instance, if you have kids at home while you are at work, a home automation system can help you keep an eye on them remotely. Similarly, if you store perishable items at home in large quantities, a humidity or temperature alarm might help you ensure that your stock does not go bad. Also, if there is a fire hazard at home, you can always install a smoke alarm.

Where do you need security gadgets?

Burglars typically break into a house through:

  • Front door
  • First floor window
  • Second floor
  • Storage areas
  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Back door

Now that you know the typical entry points, you need to understand how to defend these against potential intruders. The gadgets, which can help you with this, are sensors, window breakage alarms, CCTV cameras, probe lights, sirens, driveway alarms, motion sensors and so on. But before making a purchase, talk to the company personnel and get them to help you figure out the number of security gadgets your house requires.

So the next time you are out looking for home security systems in Winston Salem, NC, make sure you understand the exact needs of your house. You don’t want to end up buying expensive equipment that might not even be required.

What to look for in Winston Salem Home Security Companies?

With so many home security companies in North Carolina, and pretty much every company declaring itself as the ‘best’ in the market, how do you decide which company to choose? Home security systems need to be top of the line; therefore you should not take any chances with the equipment you purchase. By keeping in mind a few quick pointers, you can purchase high quality equipment for a good price. Use this simple set of guidelines to determine whether the company you are considering is good or not:

Look for referrals: Ask your friends and family about the security system that they use. You might be able to learn a thing or two from their experience with the company personnel and technicians during the purchase, installation and after-sales services. These are the people who will answer all your questions with utmost honesty. So it would be a good idea to ask them about any hidden fees or charges, warranties and operational efficiency of the security equipment.

Reputation of the company: This will help you gauge the quality of the company’s products. After you have shortlisted 2-4 companies, check their history and performance with you local Better Business Bureau (BBB). Find out how long the company has been operating for and whether they have all kinds of necessary licenses or not.

How good is the monitoring service: Home alarm systems work best with a back up monitoring system in place so that whenever the alarm goes off, a signal is sent to a remote central monitoring system. This center is a 24/7 response facility that calls you a certain number of times after the alarm goes off and if you do not respond, they will contact the authorities to dispatch a unit to your residence. Look for security companies that have their own central monitoring station and are members of the Central Station Alarm. Try and avoid companies that sell customer accounts to a third party for monitoring. Preliminary Service Evaluation: The initial services that the company provides can help you determine a lot about the quality of their overall service. For instance, a good security company will not try to sell you products over the phone. It will send trained professionals to analyze what kind of equipment your house needs. They would have their own technicians and skilled personnel, instead of sub-contracted technicians and personnel.

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