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The nation’s capital, Washington, DC is the seat of all political activities in the country. Bustling with a vibrant economy and great ethnic mix of Americans and foreigners from all over the world, Washington, DC provides for a great place to live, raise family and do business. However, the capital is also known for its relatively high crime rate.

Crimes in Washington, DC

Take a look at these statistics from the Neighborhood Scout (2012) to get an idea on the prevailing crime scene in Washington, DC:

  • Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime are 1 in 27.

  • Approximately 92.5% of the total crimes reported were property crimes.

  • There were 8.80 burglaries for every 1000 people.

  • There were 23.95 theft crimes for every 1000 people.

  • A total of 57 crimes were reported per square mile.

If you have an effective home security system installed then these statistics need not worry you, however, if you don’t then you might want to consider getting one to avoid putting yourself, your loved ones and precious possessions at risk.

Available Options

With the advancement in wireless technology, and availability of a wide range of systems in both wired and wireless varieties, selecting a home security system has become an even more difficult task. There are pros and cons associated with both kinds of systems and the one you choose largely depends on your security requirements, personal preferences and other factors related to the structure and size of your house.

A complete wireless system has different sensors installed throughout the house, which are linked to the central control panel using radio frequency technology. When the sensors detect unusual activity, signals are transmitted to the control panel, which then communicates with a monitoring centre using a cellular uplink or broadband internet. Apart from sensors, the alarms, sirens and keypads that are also integral to the security system, are interlinked.

 A complete hardwired system connects the sensors and detectors along with other components of the security system to the control panel with a network of wires, concealed in wire ducts laid down in the floors and walls. Wired security systems typically make use of telephone lines to connect with the monitoring center.

Many prefer wireless systems because of the convenience associated with their installation and configuration procedures. They give you freedom to place sensors and cameras anywhere within the range of your control panel and to change their location with your changing needs. If you already have a wired alarm system in place, you may add wireless components to it by installing a wireless adapter with its control panel.

No matter what kind of security system you ultimately choose to install, it should adequately cater to your security requirements.


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