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The word Honolulu in Hawaiian means “sheltered bay” or “place of shelter”. But what a place of shelter it is! With botanic gardens, beaches and other exotic locations to visit, families may easily consider settling down here, forever.

But whether this city is a place of shelter against crime as well, is another question. Families may be surprised to know that without the right means of protection their homes may be vulnerable to a break-in by burglars and robbers. Fortunately, there are several methods that homeowners could look into to protect their households, and one of the best methods available is getting a home security system.

Some may question the utility of home security systems and whether they are essential in protecting your loved ones and prized possessions.  The fact of the matter is, home security systems have become a must-have in the fight against burglaries and other natural hazards. In short, the reasons to invest in a home security system are manifold.
They help home owners in the following aspects:

Protecting Valuables

This could include anything ranging from jewelry, electronics or other high value items and even heirlooms. A safe with an alarm connected to the main control panel would be sufficient to protect your most dear items.

Deterring Crime

Studies show that as the number of home security systems in an area increase, the amount of crime, especially the number of burglaries decrease. Burglars are less likely to try and break into a house that has a home security system, as compared to a house that has no security whatsoever.

Allowing Remote Access to Your Home

Modern security systems allow remote access to your home. Even if you are not home, you can monitor what is going on both in and outside of your home through the use of smart phone. Depending on your service, you can monitor what is happening at your home via cameras installed throughout the house. You can also control the lights, door locks, thermostat, and other similar devices, remotely.

Lowering Homeowner’s Insurance

Having a home security system could help lower your insurance premiums, depending on the type of security system and your insurance company. The insurance companies look at it as a positive, since it reduces the risk element and therefore it is in the insurance company’s interest to encourage its customers to install a home security system.

Notifying You of Fire and Gas Hazards

Home security systems are not just good protection against burglars and crime; they can also defend you against potential threats such as fire outbreaks or gas leaks. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms detect the presence of harmful gases or smoke in the air and notify you before things get out of hand.

Helping You Keep Tabs on Kids

This is one of the great features of home automation. If you are at work, you can simply use your security company’s mobile app to watch what is going on at home through the cameras installed. Similarly, having automatic door locks can help you remotely lock/unlock the doors when the kids go to school or come back from school, etc.

Giving you Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a home security system is the peace of mind that it gives you. Whether you rent or own a house, you can feel safer, with the installation of a home security system.


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