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Home security systems have become popular in protecting homes and businesses from break-ins. Many homeowners are preferring security systems over guard dogs and for a variety of reasons. First, home security systems have proved to deter burglars. Secondly, home security systems can detect a lot more than just break-ins. For example, a home security system may be able to alert homeowners in the event of a fire or flood. A home security system consists of a range of components, each designed to perform a certain function. These components are interconnected via wires or wireless technology.

Here are the components you will find in a security system:

Control panel

This is the “brain” of the system, which controls and coordinates all the components of the system. The control panel should be placed in a secluded area of the home where it cannot be accessed by intruders. You can use the control panel to activate and deactivate the system, reset alarm codes, etc. The control panel may have a digital or manual keypad fitted onto it.


The sensors are the most important component of the system. These are designed to detect any kind of activity and motion. Sensors are of various types and can use different technologies to detect intrusion. For example, passive infrared motion sensors are designed to detect heat emitted from humans and animals.
Here are some of the types of sensors you can choose from:

  • Window sensors
  • Microwave sensors
  • Passive infrared sensors
  • Door sensors
  • Glass breakage sensors


An alarm is a device that emits a high decibel noise to alert homeowners of a potential break-in. The noise may also be loud enough to scare away intruders.

Surveillance cameras

Not all security systems have surveillance cameras. However, you can add cameras to your system for better security and coverage.  Surveillance cameras can be mounted onto walls in different areas outside or inside your home. You can record footage by connecting the camera to a DVR.

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*Source: fbi.gov
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