Home Security Systems Tacoma WA

When you think of Tacoma, the first thing that comes to mind is its iconic Museum of Glass. Showcasing glass art from around the region, the museum also hosts a glassblowing studio and is accessed using—wait for it—the Bridge of Glass.

But if you’re a resident of Tacoma, then the first thing that may come to mind may be the broken glass—more specifically, the broken glass from your window or your neighbor’s window during a break-in. That’s because the bitter truth is that this city has a higher average crime rate than both the state and the nation, especially when it comes to burglaries.

Luckily, there is a way you could protect your homes and families from harm. Tacomans, get ready. It may be time to install a home security system.

Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov
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