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Rochester has made it into the Forbes list of “Best places for Business and Careers”! Affordable cost of living and diverse career opportunities are just a few of the reasons why people enjoy living here. Rochester is New York’s 3rd most populous city and also a major manufacturing hub.

Residents in Rochester enjoy a peaceful life where education, health, employment, and leisure activities are affordable and accessible.  With so many neighborhoods and residential areas across the city, you can find a home that suits your lifestyle as well as your budget.

Crime in Rochester

If you have already moved here, or plan to relocate here soon, make sure you have a brief idea of the crime rate in your locality. No matter how wonderful or affordable a home may seem, you can’t find peace of mind under the constant fear of being robbed. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you safety and security, and eventually peace.

According to Neighborhood Scout, 1 in 102 individuals are a victim to violent crime whereas 1 in 19 people are a victim to property crime in Rochester. A total of 2,978 burglaries were reported in Rochester and 7,682 thefts. On the Crime Index, this city is only 4% safer than other cities across the United States.

Home Security in Rochester

Many individuals are installing home security systems to protect their family and property. Although the Police Department of Rochester is taking steps to reduce crime here, don’t let your guard down! Protecting your family from potential property crimes is your responsibility as well. A home security system can be the first step towards adding protection to your home.

Securing your home isn’t all about keeping burglars away. A security system is designed to let you monitor your home while you’re away, keep an eye on the babysitter, make sure the kids get home on time, and also make sure your house doesn’t catch fire! Yes, did you know that in 2013, 3,240 people died in fires? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a residential fire is reported every 85 seconds. So thieves and burglars aren’t the only dangers you should be worried about.

Smoke Alarms

It is recommended that you install at least one smoke alarm in your home. This device is designed to trigger the alarm as soon as it detects any form of smoke, heat, or fire. There are many different types of smoke alarms you can choose from. Here are a few described in detail:

  • Optical smoke alarm – this alarm is designed to detect slow smoldering fires usually caused by electrical wiring.

  • Ionization smoke alarm – this alarm is designed to detect changes in ionized properties of air and can quickly raise the alarm in case of fast flaming fires.

  • Fixed temperature heat alarm – This alarm is designed to detect any drastic changes in temperature in its surroundings. Since it does not react to smoke and dust, the chances of false alarms is reduced.

Home Security Systems in Rochester

Smoke detectors can be both wired or wireless. Wireless detectors are easier to install on your own since there is no wiring and drilling involved. Before you purchase any alarm or security system, make sure you research well and learn about the options you have. According to Angies List, there are approximately 103 home security companies in business in Rochester. Make sure you read the customer reviews of the company you select, and make a well-informed decision.


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