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Ranked number one on Forbes list for the Best Places for Business and Careers, number twelve on the list for top cities education wise, and number twenty-five in job growth, Raleigh, NC sounds like an ideal place to settle down, both personally and professionally. But while you are busy with this high powered lifestyle of Raleigh, have you ever given thought about the possibility of it being snatched away from you in a matter of minutes?

All it takes is one simple crime to cripple you financially. Or worse, result in trauma or life loss. Take a look at the following numbers:

  • Raleigh is only safer than 16% of the cities in the US (Neighborhood Scout)

  • There is a 1 in 30 chance of you becoming a victim of property crime in Raleigh (Neighborhood Scout)

  • The ‘crimes per square mile’ figure for Raleigh is higher at 108, than the national median of 39.3 (Neighborhood Scout)

  • There were 680 cases of robbery in 2013 and 3,072 cases of burglaries (RPD)

  • Motor vehicle theft has continuously risen over the past four years, reaching a high 1,028 in 2012 (RPD)

  • Aggravated assault also went up from 913 in 2011 to 994 in 2012 (RPD)

  • Larceny also went up in the year, reaching  a high 9,813 (RPD)

*RPD stands for Raleigh Police Department

Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? These numbers could affect you just as easily as the next person.

Home Alarm Systems Raleigh, NC

Installing a home alarm system is going to help you protect your home against potential invasions from criminals of any sort. While they may not entirely eliminate the risk, homes with an alarm system are 300% less likely to become victims of crimes than homes without any security equipment (FBI). So why not give yourself that peace of mind and an added, genuine sense of security?

One way to go about your home alarm system selection would be to get a wireless alarm, and add on the relevant accessories to it. A wireless alarm operates on radio wave technology and is fairly easy to install. You can integrate it with a set of different sensors and detectors to cover all possible points of intrusion in your home, including windows, doors, garages etc. You can also connect your wireless device to sensors for places in the house where you keep your valuable items.

Home Security Companies in Raleigh

With a total of 241 home security companies in Raleigh, picking the one that is right for your needs sounds like a daunting task. Here’s one way to do it. First check if the company is registered under the North Carolina Department of Justice. If it is, then check for its product base, to see if they even have the items that you need. Once this is done, check for the quality of after sales services they offer, including customer care and warranties. You should also consider the cost of their equipment. In any case, make sure you cross check the cost figures with those of other similar companies so that you don’t get ripped off.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Do i have to pay to have my home security systems monitored by a security company in Raleigh NC?

A:As a general rule, monitoring services offered by home security companies everywhere are optional for buyers, or at least the majority of these companies offer it as an optional service. Raleigh is no exception, with many home security companies offering monitoring separately from their basic package. However, 3rd party monitoring is usually recommended in order for buyers to feel sure that whenever an alarm is triggered, someone will respond to it at any given time.

Q:Will the alarm system work on telephone lines not provided by security companies in Raleigh NC?

A:Normally, home security companies could set their alarm system to work with the communications system you already have, including traditional phone lines, cellular radio, VoIP and the Internet. Each communication system has its own pros and cons as far as home security systems go, but there is no need to get new telephone lines provided specifically by security companies.

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