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One of the oldest port towns in the region, Portsmouth holds historical significance and is a popular city in the state of Virginia. The Elizabeth River gives Portsmouth a large waterfront that is home to many shipyards and is also an active US Navy facility. The main industry of the city revolves around shipping and transportation. Portsmouth is governed by a council which ensures all residents have access to quality education, recreational activities and healthcare.

The beautiful harbors of Portsmouth are bound to make anyone want to live here. But beware, the crime rate of the city must be considered before relocating. According to a report released by the Portsmouth Police Department, the number of crimes in the city has increased over the past few years.             

Home Security Systems Portsmouth

Getting a home security system is a smart choice. A security system could offer more coverage and a peace of mind. So what does this system basically do? It will cover major entry points of the house, and is designed to constantly monitor the surroundings for any suspicious activity or break ins. Once an intrusion is detected, it is designed to immediately alert you and the authorities.

A home security system comprises of a control panel, sensors, and an alarm, all of which are interconnected. The control panel will manage all other components, making sure everything is functioning according to your requirement.

Sensors are responsible for “detecting”. A sensor may use infrared technology or microwave technology to detect motion. You could choose from a variety of sensors to secure indoor and outdoor areas. Sensors are designed to work in a specific type of environment. For example, a glass-break sensor is designed to detect the high frequency waves emitted from the shattering of a glas

Select the Right Company and System

With so many companies selling home security systems in Portsmouth VA, how do you know which company suits you best? Of course you would want a system that offers the best value for your money, and provides maximum security. There is no short cut to determine which system is the best for you. You must research, and evaluate before making a decision:

  • Company and employee licensing – a reliable company will be licensed, and will only hire employees that are certified.

  • Company ranking and credentialing – there are quite a few organizations such as the Better Business Bureau who rank companies and their services. You can search online to learn about the ranking of a particular firm.

  • Wired or Wireless System – A security system can be wired or wireless. If you are a renter, and may relocate often, a wireless system could be a good option as you could take your system with you. Wireless systems are also relatively easier to install and cover large areas wirelessly.

  • Monitoring Services – Are you away from home often? And want to make sure someone is looking over your home? Sign up for monitoring services! Many home security companies offer monitoring services for a fixed monthly or annual fee. In case the alarm goes off, the company is expected to immediately call you or the police for assistance.

A little research, and asking friends and neighbors for information could help you make a better decision. Nothing is more important than protecting the well-being of our loved ones and your property.

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