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When purchasing a home security system, choosing the right sensors can make all the difference. Sensors are an important component of the alarm systems and are designed to detect intrusion.
Sensors use different technologies to detect motion, sound, light, and even body heat. You can go for a combination of different sensors to place around your home.

Here are some common types of alarm sensors you can consider installing:

Contact sensors

These sensors are used to protect doors and similar entry points of your home. Contact sensors use magnetic circuit breakers to function. Every time a door is opened, the circuit breaks, causing the alarm to go off. Contact sensors are usually fitted between the door and the door-frame.

Window sensors

Window sensors are designed to secure windows. These sensors can detect the opening and closing of a window. They function as door sensors. Once the circuit between the window and the window frame is broken, the alarm is designed to go off.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors are the most commonly used sensors and come in many types. The main types of motion sensors are:
Passive infrared motion sensors (PIR) – These detect body heat and infrared energy emitted from living beings. The sensors raise the alarm when an object comes within their range, causing the infrared levels to change.
Microwave motion sensors – These emit microwave pulses within a certain range. If an intruder comes within the range of the sensor, the microwaves will reflect back to the sensor, causing the alarm to go off.
Dual technology motion sensors – These sensors use more than one technology to detect a breach of security. For example, you can combine a PIR motion sensor with a microwave sensor.

Glass-breakage sensor

Some burglars will not try to open the window, but instead break the glass to enter. You can use glass-breakage sensors to prevent this from happening. These sensors will detect the high frequency emitted from a breaking glass, and raise the alarm.

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*Source: fbi.gov


Q:What is the best home security systems in Plano?

A:According to Angies List, Plano is home to over 300 home security companies. You can search online to find out more about the options available. Choosing the right home security company is important. When selecting a company, make sure you find read the customer reviews; learn about the company's credibility, ranking, and product options.

Q:Will the alarm system work on telephone lines not provided by security companies in Plano TX?

A:It is possible that your alarm system may work on telephone lines not provided by security companies in Plano TX. However, not all security systems now require a home phone or a landline to provide an around-the-clock link to the security company, as the age of cell phones has led to new changes in the industry.

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