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Pittsburgh has earned the title of being one of the most livable places in the US by both Forbes and The Economist. So what makes this city a great place to live? Pittsburgh has a rich history. The city is also home to fortune 500 companies. The culture reflects its diversity which makes it an interesting and a colorful destination.

From affordable housing to education, and even healthcare, the city of Pittsburgh is ideal for both young professionals and young families. With approximately 305,841 people calling it home, Pittsburgh is the second largest city in the state of Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh Crime Statistics

Beautiful views, a successful career, and low living costs are pretty much useless if you don’t have peace of mind. This peace usually comes with knowing your family and your property is safe. The City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police released an annual report which showed a 7.4% decrease in property in 2013. However, this decline doesn’t make you or your family 100% safe. According to Neighborhood Scout, your chance of becoming a victim to property crime in Pittsburgh is 1 in 29. Did you know that over 10,000 property crimes are reported every year in this city?

Home Security Companies in Pittsburgh

According to Angies List, there are approximately 196 home security companies in Pittsburgh out of which 39 are top rated. Finding a home security system is not a difficult task however, finding the right one is a different matter altogether. The more choices you have, the more difficult it gets to make a decision. So make sure you choose a security company that is worth every dollar you spend. Some factors to consider when selecting a home security company in Pittsburgh are:

  • Company ranking

  • Company certification and licensure

  • Availability of security systems

  • Costs of services

  • Effectiveness and consumer reviews

How important are Window alarms and Window Sensors?

Sensors for your door are a must-have, but what about the windows? Not every burglar will try and break-in through the door. Therefore when getting a home security system, you must make sure you choose sensors and alarms that cover every corner of your home. Sensors can either be wired to the main control panel or connected via wireless technology. It is completely up to you to decide if you want wireless sensors or not. Here are some of the main types of window sensors available:

  • Glass break detectors – This sensor is designed to raise the alarm if it detects any glass being broken or shattered by force.

  • Magnetic window sensors – This sensor comprises of two components that are linked through a magnet. The alarm is triggered if the circuit between the magnets is broken.

  • Tilt sensors – an alarm will go off is the sensor detects any window left open.

  • Sliding window block sensor – this sensor will raise the alarm if anyone tries to break in through the window. The sensor is designed for sliding windows and is fitted on the window track.

DIY Sensors in Pittsburgh

You don’t have to get a professional for placing and activating sensors. Some sensors are easy to install and come with a complete instruction kit. A few tools and an understanding of the manual is all you need to install sensors.

When selecting home security systems, make sure you check online reviews and get in touch with your local police department. This will help you get an idea as to what sort of a home security system you should have and which one would be useful.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Are wired or wireless home security systems Pittsburgh better?

A:Both are equally better. Which system you should get would depend on your security needs. Both have their pros and cons. With a wired system, you would be going for a traditional and time-tested method of home security, but you may incur some heavy installation expenses because of the amount of drilling required. With a wireless system, you may benefit from using all the latest technology available, but you have to be careful that all sensors are within range of one another.

Q:Can i still have pets in the house and use my home security systems in Pittsburgh?

A:While pets do trigger false alarms, you need to find a home security system company that offers "pet-friendly" alarm systems, thereby avoiding penalty for false alarms altogether. For example, there are motion sensors which can be set to ignore all living beings under a certain weight limit.

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