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With a Mediterranean climate, Pasadena offers natural scenic beauty, a vibrant cultural and a nurturing educational environment. For sports fans, the city of Pasadena is also known for hosting the Rose Bowl Football game and the Tournament Roses Parade.

But only if life was this simple. While the good side of Pasadena is definitely noteworthy, there is a dark side to this beautiful city. There is a 1 in 40 chance of you becoming a victim of property crime in Pasadena. It is important to note, the law enforcement in Pasadena do everything in their power to protect residents. However, as a resident, it is your responsibility to take precautions and protect your home as well. The best way to ensure this would be by investing in a home security system.

Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Do you offer pet-friendly alarm systems in Pasadena?

A:A number of security companies offer security systems in Pasadena. Some of the security systems also have special features that makes them pet friendly. Pet friendly alarm systems have sensors to detect pets and they prevent false alarms in case a pet crosses the area. Home owners can also monitor pets with the help of these security systems.

Q:Does the security systems still work when power is out in my area in Pasadena CA?

A:Typically, a backup battery is fitted in a home security system. This battery provides power to the system and keeps it running in the event of a power outage. It is recommended that you check with your home security company and find out what backup battery they provide, and how long will it last.

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