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Being home to more than 11 million residents, Ohio not only ranks in the top five economies but is also known for its rich culture, vast shoreline, sports teams and national historic landmarks. Ohio, in short, is one of the best places to live. However, like most other states, Ohio too has its fair share of crime, which you must take into consideration if you’re living in or planning to move.

Here are some statistics relevant to property crimes in Ohio, as presented by the FBI.

  • From 2001-2010, the overall crime has come down by 15% due to the decrease in motor vehicle theft by 51% and larceny theft by 18%.

  • From 2001-2010, burglary incidents have increased by 9%.

  • Approximately 57% of the burglaries take place during the day.

  • 359,883 property crimes, 15,235 robberies, 103,421 burglaries, 236,950 larceny-thefts and 19,512 vehicle thefts were reported in 2012.

  • The current property crime rate amounts to 31.17 crimes per 1000 residents every year.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Have I taken the necessary measures to prevent myself and my loved ones from becoming the next victim of a property related crime?

How Do I Protect My Home?

Coming back home to a wide open main door is one of the scariest thoughts that can cross one’s mind. You’re still outside but the worst possible scenarios are already playing out in your head. It is fairly easy to avoid this if you take a few preventive measures with regards to home security.

Installing an effective home security system at home is one of the best ways of preventing property related crime. Home security systems are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, types, quality and cost. In order to choose a security system that is specific for your security requirements, you will have to carefully evaluate the possible entry points for intruders and how you intend to monitor their activity. This will enable you to select the equipment required for your security system. Although you may choose what your security system would be composed of, some of the components typically used for an effective home security system are:

  • Control panel

  • Detectors and sensors

  • Alarms and sirens

  • Keypads

  • Cellular, broadband or land line link with a monitoring center

There is a wide variety available with regards to sensors and detectors. Some of the most popular ones include:

When it comes to choosing between different types of security systems, you have two options: wired and wireless systems.

Wireless systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their user-friendly attributes; they are easier to install enabling you to save up on installation costs. Moreover, they are more useful in case you plan on shifting homes or the areas you intend to monitor inside your house, as their location can be changed. It is also very convenient to expand a wireless security system, as the process may not entail installing new wire ducts and drilling holes in walls.

State Regulation and Security Alarm Companies in Ohio

Ohio is one of the few states with minimal or no state regulations regarding the security alarm industry and its practices. Furthermore, there is no regulation that requires security alarm providers to acquire a license in order to sell their products and services.  Hence, it is recommended that when planning to go for a security system, you ensure reliability by choosing a nationally renowned company.

Selling and providing services relating to fire alarms are however a different story. Such companies must acquire a state license.  Moreover, there are quite a few local or municipal ordinances with regards to false alarms, and a few local permits and ordinances that place certain limits on alarm companies. Having said that, the security alarm companies and their practices are still highly unregulated and far from being standardized.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) however, is in the process of formulating standards for security systems in the state.

Home Alarm Systems Ohio

Property crime is a real concern for many in Ohio. According to the National Institute of Corrections, Ohio’s property crime rate in 2013 was 9% higher than the national rate. Property crime rate made up for 91% of total crimes in the state of Ohio in 2013.

The battle against the state’s property crime can still be efficiently fought by installing a home security system. Burglar alarms, a part of the security system, are designed to alert you in case of any problematic incident. Any suspicious movement on your property can be detected and alarms can go off, scaring away the would be burglar. Home alarm systems in Ohio could be your first line of defense.

Home Security Companies Ohio

Like the residents of Ohio, home security companies, too, have realized the importance of installing home security systems in the state. Therefore there are many home security companies in Ohio offering their services to anyone who is willing to install and bear the cost of a home security system. But home security companies aren’t alike; some are better than others. So how do you select the best company?

The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) has information on credible businesses operating in the state of Ohio. BBB has its ratings, wherein companies are rated on a scale of A+ to F. This should help you narrow down your choices. Furthermore, visit Angie’s List, where you will find top rated home security companies in the state. You can also ask your neighbors, friends and family for their recommendations.

The key to finding the best home security company in Ohio is via thorough research.



Q:What are good fits for home security in Ohio ?

A:There are around 283 home security companies in Columbus Ohio and around 348 in Cleveland alone. And these are just 2 cities. Finding a home security system that fits, will require you do some research. Think like a burglar and figure out all potential points of entry and the devices you will need to secure these. Talk to your neighbors and check for your shortlisted companies' credentials online before you make any purchase from them.

Q:Will I be charged by the Police for any false alarms in Ohio?

A:According to "Ohio Revised Code, Title [29] XXIX Crimes – Procedure: Chapter 2917: Offenses Against the Public Peace", making false alarms is a misdemeanor of the first degree. The law lays down various amounts of economic harm that will entail different punishments. For instance, if violation of this section results in economic harm of $7500 or more, but less than $150,000, making false alarms will be considered a felony of the fourth degree. Make sure you check your specific city's laws too, since they may be more specific or might differ to some extent.

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