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When you think of New York, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

If you’re a sports fan, then it could be the Yankees, the Knicks or the Buffalos.

If you’re a budding undergrad, then it could be different Ivy League universities, considering New York is the only state in America to have more than one.

New York is ranked among the top 20 best states for business and growth prospects. (Forbes)

Unfortunately, the mention of New York may bring up concerns for your safety as well, given that it’s also among the top 20 most dangerous states in the country. With a violent crime rate of 406.8 per 100,000, you may wonder whether living in New York State is worth it. But there may be a solution to all your concerns. Interested? Read on. (LawStreetMedia)


Crime in the Empire State

The latest crime figures from 2013 don’t look too encouraging. For one thing, the total number of offenses reported throughout the year amount to 432,354. That’s about half a million victims of crime.

For a more detailed breakdown of how dangerous life is in the state, you may consider the following statistics:

  • 17.7% of total crime was related to violence—76,451 offenses reported.

  • 82.3% of total crime was related to property—355,903 offenses reported.

  • Amongst all property crime, there were 56,120 burglaries which took place.

  • Robberies were also common, with 27,171 offenses reported—accounting for 35.5% of violent crime. (DCJS-NY)

According to a 2014 report, the top three most dangerous cities in the state are:

  • Newburgh, with a violent crime rate of 1864.10;

  • Buffalo, with a violent crime rate of 1288.70;

  • Niagara Falls, with a violent crime rate of 1229.25. (LawStreetMedia)

How to Keep Safe in NY

Luckily for New York state residents, there are several ways to protect yourself from crime right at your doorstep. One of the most time-tested and recommended methods out there is to invest in a home security system.

Home security systems are easy to install, whether you want it done by a professional or you prefer DIY. They consist of various devices that, when installed are designed to detect unusual activity through sensors. These devices may then notify you and your family, or if you have opted for a monitoring service, the system may also warn you about the intruder by sending a signal to the monitoring service. This monitoring team may then call you up to let you know that your house has been breached and confirm whether they should send for the police.

Sounds pretty handy, right? But if the skeptic in you is wondering what good a home security system is if, say, someone you know unexpectedly started threatening violence, then again a home security system may solve all your needs. In this case, a panic alarm button hidden under a desk and away from view may be pressed, sending a signal to the alarm company or the police that you need help right away.

Choosing the Right Company in the New York

Before you go off to buy the first home security system that catches your eye, there are certain things you need to consider. For example, look into what kind of security your house and family needs. You also need to avoid scam artists by focusing only on those companies licensed by the state. A licensure ensures:

  • The company has passed a thorough examination and background check.

  • The company has employees who are trained and have their fingerprints on file.

  • The company has experience and qualification within the alarm industry.

You could also look up companies that are a part of the New York State Electronic Security Association (NYSESA). This may ensure that you will be dealing with home security systems with high standards of quality. And in the end, quality may be a guarantee for not only your money’s worth, but for your and your family’s safety as well.



Q:What is the best home security system/company NYC?

A:There is no one company that will be suitable for all users. However, if you want to make a prudent decision, it's good to consider certain factors. Check the work history of the company from consumer protection agencies and the Better Business Bureau. Also find out if the employees of the company are certified by the National Training School. Plus, if your state requires licensing from a security company, make sure the professionals of your preferred company are licensed.

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