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One thing you can’t deny about the city of New Orleans: the people here are fun and know how to live.

Here, you’ll find all that jazz, popularized by the likes of Louis Armstrong. There’s also the much sought-after local cuisine to look forward to, such as beignets and gumbos. Plus, you’ll find the community has a rich multicultural heritage, best captured in its distinct French Creole architecture as well as the world-famous Mardi Gras festivities.

Down here in New Orleans, the city is a modern hub of economic activity as well: it ranks 65th best city for business and careers, and 37th for job growth. (Forbes) However, you might find the city to be an unsafe place to live in despite its “joie de vivre”. Shocked? Then you might want to read the following information and learn what residents could do to stay safe.

Crime in the Crescent City

There are a total of 3,735 crimes that take place per 100,000 residents in New Orleans (Forbes). For a detailed breakdown, let’s take a look at the most recent data from 2013:

  • There were 17,940 criminal offenses reported, which is an increase of 5.06% from 2012.

  • Of the crimes committed, there were 14,525 property-related crimes, which increased by 6.11% from 2012 and also accounted for a whopping 80.96% of total crime.

  • Burglaries are fairly common here, with 3,203 offenses reported.

  • There were also about 1,140 robberies committed, of which 65.3% were armed robberies. (NOPD)

The data presents a very bleak picture for New Orleans residents. However, if the right precautions are taken, it might help make their living experience safer.

How to Protect Yourself in New Orleans

One of the most effective methods to keep your home safe is to install a home security system. These systems use sophisticated technology to protect families from intruders by placing alarms in key locations. Families as well as an optional monitoring service are notified and help may then be called.

Home security systems may be easy to install, whether by a professional or by yourself. They come in hard-wired as well as wireless packages, depending on the company, and may include various devices. For example, gas detectors could be installed at certain locations to monitor the area continuously and detect the presence of any harmful gases—such as natural gas or carbon monoxide—in order to prevent fatal explosions and poisoning.

Choosing the Right Company in New Orleans

Before you buy a home security system though, they should make sure they choose the right company and package to suit their security needs. Some of the questions residents could ask the sales representatives are:

  • Is the company registered by the state?

  • Does the company provide service in your neighborhood?

  • What kind of equipment and services do they offer?

  • Would technical assistance and customer service be available, and how?

You could also double-check the company’s reputation by getting reviews and feedback from previous or current customers. Therefore, by taking such precautions, you may feel safe knowing their families and homes are protected from danger.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov
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