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Nevada, also known as the “Silver State” is home to over 2 million. With a rich history that goes back to the 1800s, the state of Nevada is famous for its diverse culture. The state has attracted people from all corners of the globe and continues to grow economically. Tourism and mining remain the largest industries in the state.

What makes this state a great place to live are the low tax rates and stable governance. Nevada offers many dynamic career opportunities in exciting sectors.

Crime in Nevada

However, every coin has two sides. Nevada may offer its residents a quality life in terms of education and career, but this shouldn’t take attention away from its increasing crime rate. Did you know that Nevada has been ranked among the top most dangerous states to live in? Murder, burglary, and theft are just a few of the violent crimes that have instilled fear in Nevada residents. Here are some facts that will help you understand the dangers of living in the silver state:

  • 1 in 64 residents are a victim to property crime

  • Over 100 properly crimes are reported each year

  • Burglary has increased by 4% (2012-2013)

  • 1 burglary occurs every 22 minutes and 56 seconds

How to Protect Yourself - Home Security Systems in Nevada

The above mentioned crime statistics paint a bleak picture and reflect the increasing need of security. The first step to take is to protect your property, belongings, and family. You can opt for different home security systems and improve the protection of your property and family.

A typical home security system would comprise of various components such as the control panel, keypad, sensors, and detectors. As soon as an unauthorized entry is detected, the alarm will go off. However, many people are now installing security cameras as well. Video surveillance has proved to be an effective way to deter crime. Apart from recording an illegal break-in, you can also use these cameras to keep a close watch on your home, babysitter, and kids.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras have become more popular among customers nowadays due to relatively lower installation cost. You can mount these surveillance cameras around your house and even outdoors. These cameras transmit video footage to a monitor or any connected device for viewing.

Some wireless cameras utilize computer networking and are known as IP (internet protocol) cameras. This means you can view videos remotely and even store footage. Such cameras may also come with management software that sends you an alert on your phone or email in case of a security breach. Here are some of the benefits associated with wireless cameras:

  • Installation requires no wiring

  • Interactive monitoring- connect through different mediums such as cell phone

  • Home automation- manage your home’s security remotely

  • Keep a check on your home while away

DIY Installation

Wireless cameras are typically easier to install as compared to wired ones. Such cameras will come with a complete manual that will guide you through the installation process. However, you may need to seek professional help to configure the cameras with your home security system.


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