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Country music is not the only thing that comes to mind when you mention Nashville. The ‘Athens of the South’ is also known for its affluent healthcare, banking and publishing industries.

With more than half a million residents, the “Country Music Capital of the World” is not all that calm and peaceful. Here are a few statistics that you should take a look at: (Neighborhood Scout, 2012)

  • Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime are 1 in 24.

  • 42 annual property crimes were reported for every 1000 residents in 2012.

  • Burglary by attempted forcible entry increased by 16.41% from 2012 to 2013.

  • Nashville is safer than only 7% of the cities in the United States.

If you already have a security system at your place or are planning to get one, then these statistics need not scare you. Learn more about how you can modify your security system to improve the security of your family.

Improve Your System for Greater Protection

There are a number of methods that you can use to tighten the security coverage of your security system. Surveillance cameras are one of the most effective kinds of equipment available. You can use both wired or wireless cameras; however, with wired cameras you may have a limit as to the number of cameras that can be installed whereas, with wireless cameras you can install a large number of cameras before you would need to worry about a limit. Here are a few popular options when it comes to surveillance cameras:

  • Low Light Camera- operates in low light; usually black and white cameras with a big lens for maximum light absorption.

  • Infrared Camera- has LEDs that emit infrared light, allowing the camera to detect heat changes in the environment.

  • Dome Camera- typically mounted on ceilings and provides a 360 degree view.

  • Vandal Proof Camera- this does not have exposed wired making tampering difficult.

  • Bullet Camera- small in size and useful for surveillance of a small area.

  • Outdoor Camera- designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and usually comes with a metal casing.

These are only some of the many options available in the market; make sure that you have thoroughly researched before you make your choice.

Home Alarm Systems in Nashville

There are quite a few benefits attached to home security systems. They may come in different shapes and sizes, with or without wires. However, there is another class of home security systems which homeowners have found convenient and safe. Here are a couple of benefits directly related to setting up your home security system yourself, as opposed to having it installed.

  • Although licensed home security companies are, by law, required to employ licensed and certified professionals. Installing your own home security familiarizes you with the system, making it easier to operate.

  • With DIY alarms, homeowners can customize their system to suit their needs. This is one benefit security companies with their set protocols may not be able to offer.

  • An obvious benefit which should not be ignored is the cost effectiveness. Although some security companies do offer free installation, there is a possibility of them covering the cost through another service.

DIY only works when the homeowner knows what he/she is doing. Make sure you have all the necessary technical knowledge before you install. 

Home Security Companies in Nashville

Nashville may be famous for its country music and film festivals, but the city also has a number of home security companies. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), there are more than 500 companies operating in Nashville, TN. However, a mere mention by the BBB is not sufficient as out of these 500 only 87 have received recognition. This is a very crucial point for homeowners who are searching for home security options in Nashville.

The company must be licensed and accredited by the BBB as a reliable place for business. Homeowners can also check the rating, see for how long the business has been in operation and were there any complaints filed against the company. All of these factors must be taken into account before signing up with a home security company in Nashville. 



Q:Are home security systems and alarm monitoring in Nashville tax deductible?

A:According to Publication 529 of the Internal Revenue Service, a home security monitoring service does not qualify for any tax deductions, unless the secured location is a home office or a place of conducting business, such as a home office for a dentist. This law applies to all of the United States, including Nashville.

Q:Can I get a home security system without a phone line in Nashville?

A:Yes you can. With advancements in technology, the need for having a phone line back up for your home security system is declining. Most reputable companies in Nashville are most likely to have technologies such as cellular backups, internet monitoring or GSM units, all designed to work without a phone line. These technologies are generally considered more reliable than phone line connections, since they cannot be cut.

Q:Can I get help with the installation of Alarm System in Nashville if I need it?

A:Yes you can. Usually alarm systems come with installation manuals with easy to follow steps. But in case you are still in need of help, you can contact your security company’s customer care centre and get help from them. More often than not, your alarm company will send a trained installer at the time of purchase. This will cost you extra, unless the purchase agreement states otherwise.

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