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Mobile is the third most populated city in the state of Alabama. It has the 12th largest port in the nation. The city gained economic significance due to its key location near the north central Gulf Coast. Over the years, Mobile has experienced a wave of economic growth and is known for its beautiful skyline.

Living in this city can be a lively experience full of culture, fun, and Southern hospitality. Great seafood and beautiful architecture aren’t the only reasons that make Mobile a perfect place to live. The city government manages education, employment, and healthcare competently. This is the reason why so many people are moving here.

Crime Rate in Mobile

If you live in Mobile, or plan to relocate here, home security is an important factor you must consider. The crime rate in this area has seen a decline in recent years, but that doesn’t eliminate the chance of being a victim to crime. Take a look at these facts:

  • Your chance of being a victim to violent crime is 1 in 190 whereas your chance of being a victim to property crime is 1 in 21 (Statistics provided by Neighborhood Scout)

  • Instances of burglary experienced a decline of 9.2% and robbery fell by 18.2% in 2013 (Mobile Police Department)

  • Approximately 2,179 burglaries and 6,884 thefts are reported annually in Mobile (Neighborhood Scout)

  • Mobile is only 7% safer than other cities in the US

Protect Your Family and Property in Mobile

Home security systems are offered by 74 recognized companies in Mobile. You can get in touch with these companies to learn more about their services, certification and licensure, products, and ranking. Such factors will give you a better idea about the credibility of a company.

DIY Home Security Systems in Mobile

You can set up a security system yourself by getting a DIY kit. DIY systems give you the freedom to set up sensors and detectors anywhere you wish, and avoid installation fees.

Motion alarms and detectors are among the most important components of a security system. There are different kinds of detectors you can choose from. Each is designed to detect a particular type of movement or motion. It is recommended that you install at least one motion detector in your home. This device will raise the alarm as soon as it picks up any movement within its range. Here are some types of motion detectors you can choose from:

  • Active infrared motion detector - This device is designed to detect radiation or heat energy from an intruder.

  • Passive infrared motion detector - This detector is designed to sense any change in radiation levels in its range.

  • Ultrasonic motion detector – This detector is designed to use sound energy to pick up any movement within its range. The energy is emitted in the form of waves which gets disrupted if there is movement.

  • Vibration motion detector – This detector is designed to use an electric field to detect any form of vibration and movement.

Before you head out to get a security system, complete a thorough research and learn about the availability of products in the market. Getting the right security system for your home will not only protect your family, but will also allow you to keep a close eye on your property.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov
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