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The state that gave birth to the Bundt cake, home to the first ever shopping mall, scotch tape and post it notes, the Coen brothers, breakfast cereals and the legendary baking brand, Betty Crocker; Minnesota has a lot of reasons to be proud of its culture, people and its history. But while you are busy enjoying all this beautiful state has to offer, have you ever thought about the ugly side? We bet you thought that such a good place couldn’t possibly have an ugly side. Think again!

  • Property crime in Minnesota in 2013 amounted to 91% of the crime index offenses for the year

  • There were a total of 22,500 burglaries in Minnesota in 2013

  • Theft/Larceny figures totaled to a shocking 99,794

  • Motor vehicle theft amounted to 7,873 in 2013

  • Offenses involving murder totaled 111 in 2013 as compared to the 92 in 2012; a 21% increase

  • There were 3,662 cases of robberies in the state in 2013, as compared to the 3,450 in 2012; a 6.1% increase

[Minnesota Department of Public Safety]

These numbers may look disturbing, but there are ways of protecting oneself from becoming a statistic.

Home Alarm Systems in Minnesota

A home security system is your solution to tackling these crime rates. You should be concerned with keeping your valuables and your loved ones safe. A wireless or wired security system with a set of sensors and detectors could help you reduce the risk of break ins and intrusions. By strategically placing these sensors on every potential point of intrusion in your home, you could help secure your home and loved ones.

One thing that you should keep in mind is false alarms. About 80% of false alarms are the result of human error, and 50% of these errors happen when the alarm is being switched on or off (Minnesota Electronic Security and Technology Association).This seriously depletes the state’s resources that could otherwise be used for real emergencies. Many Minnesota municipalities have chosen to enforce local alarm ordinances. These include nominal registration fees for alarms and fines for false alarms. Others are providing information and guidance to homeowners regarding proper installation and operation of security equipment to substantially reduce the number of false alarms.

Home Security Companies in Minnesota

Choosing a home security company could be tough. So many companies, with so many products and everyone calling themselves the best security providers; how does one choose!

Here’s a list of questions that might help you make the right decision:

  • Is the company registered under the state law, with all relevant legalities fulfilled and licenses obtained?

  • Does the company have good customer service?

  • Does it offer any warranties or guarantees for its products?

  • Are their prices competitive?

  • Is the company accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

These few questions will help you figure out your few shortlisted companies and will assist you in eventually picking out one final company that suits all your needs.

The security of your family and valuables is not something you should take lightly at any cost. No amount of money is worth it. Invest in a security system and protect your family and property now.


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