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The state of Maine with its picturesque serene settings has been the vacation spot for many. The vacation spot for Presidents, the state, otherwise as well, offer all the amenities that you may ever need to lead to a peaceful and prosperous life. And what is more, the state has a low crime rate; 24.30 offenses per 1,000 people. That however should not be a source of celebration, unfortunately. While you becoming a victim of crime may be low, a low probability is not zero probability. Here are a few statistics from 2012, to put things into perspective for you (Maine Dept of Public Safety):

  • 1 violent crime occurs in Maine ever 5 hours and 26 minutes

  • 1 property crime occurs every 15 minutes and 45 seconds

  • There were 7,429 cases of burglary, 24,812 cases of larceny, 990 cases of motor vehicle theft and 226 cases of arson

  • In 2008, the crime rate in Maine was 4.95%, and in 2012, it had gone up to 5.59%

  • The value of stolen property in the state amounted to $9,482,205

  • Only 20% of property crimes were solved by the police

These statistics show that while you may be relatively safer in Maine, as compared to living in other states, there is still a considerable amount of risk involved. And when it is a matter of security, don’t take risks. Invest in a home security system before you become a part of these statistics.

Keeping Safe in Maine

Home security systems, when selected and installed are designed to address your security needs.  As a rule of thumb you should know a few things about a security system. First thing first, know the type of alarm system you need. If you choose to go for a wireless system, you should know that it is easier to install and move but may also be prone to interferences from other electrical equipments at home. On the other hand, a hardwired system would require more hassle while laying down the entire wire network, but it is considered more reliable.

After choosing the type of system, you should make a list of all the sensors/detectors and alarms you want; motion sensors, gas sensors, smoke detectors, door and window alarms, safe alarms etc. This will obviously depend on your security needs, so consult a professional to make these decisions if you feel the need to.

Your peace of mind is worth much more than what these alarm systems cost. Instead of being in some false sense of security, assuming that just because the crime rate is relatively lower, you are entirely safe, just to be on the safe side and cover all your bases. Get an alarm system installed.

Home Alarm Systems Maine

Maine, the pine tree state, offers exquisite beaches and natural beauty that makes it a great place to settle down. But did you know that living here could mean falling victim to a property crime? So how do you make sure your family is safe from burglars while you are away? Get a home alarm system. A onetime investment in an alarm system can go a long way and lower the risk of burglaries. Here are some important features of an alarm system:

  • Detects intrusion
  • Remote access
  • Detects fires and floods
  • Notifies you or the police in the event of a break-in

You can choose from a wireless or wired system, depending upon your need. An alarm system will give you the peace you deserve knowing your family and property is safe.

Home Security Companies Maine

There are many home security companies in Maine that are catering to the security needs of residents and businesses. If you have planned to install a security system, you may find it hard to select a security provider due to the plentiful availability of options. To narrow down your search, and find a company that gives you the best value for your money, check the following factors:

  • Company credentials (BBB ratings)
  • Customer history and reviews
  • Certification of employees
  • After-sales services
  • Costs and product availability
  • Recognition and ranking

A good home security company should be reliable and trustworthy. With a security system, you can be at ease knowing your family is safe and sound at home.


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