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Where do all the happy people live? In Louisiana!  Yes, according to a paper released by the US National Bureau of Economic Research, this state boasts the highest percentage of happiness. So what exactly makes this state a happy place to live? Louisiana has a vibrant culture that reflects tradition and human connection. Low cost of living is another reason why many move to this corner of the country.

Crime in Louisiana

Even the happiest places on earth aren’t crime-free. As compared to many other states, Louisiana has a lower crime rate. Your chance of being a victim to crime is 1 in 201. While certain types of crime such as assault and homicide experienced a decline in recent years, robbery is the only crime that has increased in Louisiana. Here are some statistics:

  • Approximately 185,804 crimes are committed every year out of which 162,936 fall in the category of property crime.

  • Burglary has increased by 4.6% since 2011

  • Chance of being a victim to property crime is 1 in 28

Home Security Systems in LA

With increase in robberies and burglaries, getting a home security system may be one of the most important investments you ever make. But many people doubt the effectiveness of such security systems. However, studies have proved that an alarm system installed in a home can reduce the risk of burglaries. Your family and your personal property is your responsibility to protect. A reasonable investment in security systems can help prevent major losses in future.

A typical home security system will include the following components:

  • Keypad

  • Control panel/alarm panel

  • Sensors and detectors

  • Cameras or strobe lights

The control panel is the brain of the system that sets off the alarm in case of any intrusion. On the other hand, sensors and detectors do the job of detecting any suspicious entry or break-in. You need to confirm how many sensors you need around the house. Many home security companies offer different types of systems that match individual needs. The larger your house, the more sensors you may require. It is important that you carefully research before choosing a security system.

Remote Alarms

Remote alarm systems give you the convenience of activating and deactivating the system even when you are not in close proximity of your home. Imagine what a hassle it would be if you had to rush back home just to turn off a false alarm.

With a remote alarm system, you can keep a check on your home no matter where you are. The system will send you notifications and keep you informed through text messages or the internet. This makes it easier for you to manage and access your home security system. Here are some features associated with remote alarm systems:

  • Manage lights, thermostats, and even door locks when you are not home

  • Turn off false alarms without having to come back home

  • Keep a check on your kids

  • You can remotely monitor your home via security cameras (if installed)

  • Enable and disable motion sensors

DIY & Home Security Companies in LA

There are many do-it-yourself home security systems available. If you have opted for a wired system, you may need professional help. On the other hand, wireless systems may be more convenient to install. When it comes to remote monitoring, you may need to get in touch with the monitoring service providers and learn about the facilities. You can choose what kind of remote monitoring you need. Some systems will simply send you a text when the alarm is triggered while others may send an alert to the relevant authority for you. Monitoring services as usually offered home security companies in LA. Before you do business with any company, check their Better Business Bureau accreditation and rating first.



Q:Will I get a discount on my homeowners insurance when I purchase a security system in Louisiana?

A:This will vary according to your insurance company's policies and the types of alarm systems you install. There are companies in Louisiana that might offer up to 20% discounts on insurance premiums if you have monitored protective devices installed. But before you purchase your security equipment, make sure you analyze what it will cost you and how much can you expect to actually save through insurance premiums.

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