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Named after Major General Henry Ware Lawton, the city of Lawton is the fifth largest in the state of Oklahoma. Lawton gained economic stability due to the installation of Fort Sill Military reservation and is now known for its healthcare, transportation, and retail industries. The city’s staggering natural beauty, its love for music and arts, and fascinating history attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Lawton can also be a great place to live and raise a family. There are a number of beautiful neighborhoods in the city with close proximity to school and healthcare institutions. But like any other city in the US, it suffers because of crime. Residents of Lawton are a frequent victim to property crime. According to statistics provided by Neighborhood Scout, your chance of being burglarized in Lawton is 1 in 19.


Installing a Home Security System in Lawton OK

The popularity of home security systems in Lawton OK has increased as studies prove that security systems deter burglaries. Apart from keeping burglars at bay, a security system comes with added benefits and lets you keep a close watch on your home remotely. You can choose from a wireless or a wired system depending on your security need and budget. Many home security companies are offering DIY systems that allow users to install the system on their own without professional help. A DIY system can help you save on unnecessary labor costs. Here are the basic steps for installation:

  1. Determine what entry points around the house you want to secure.
  2. Set up sensors in places around the house. You can use different sensors suited for specific environments. For example, you can add glass-break sensors to windows around the house and set up motion sensors at the front and back door.
  3. Mount the control panel in a suitable place such as your bedroom, in the kitchen, or near the main entry door.
  4. Set up the alarm and connect all the components. If you have a wired system, you may need a professional for installation.
  5. Turn on the system, adjust the security codes via control panel, and test the system to see if all the components are performing as expected.


Sensors & Cameras

Sensors are the most important component of a security system. You can choose from a wide range of sensors. Each sensor uses a certain type of technology to detect and scan the environment, and report any unusual activity. A sensor typically works through a close-circuit system. Any object that breaks the circuit will trigger the alarm. Here are a few types of motion sensors:

  • PIR – A passive infrared sensor is designed to detect radiation emitted from an object or body in its surroundings.
  • Photo electric sensor – this sensor comprises of two parts, a laser beam and a light sensor. Both parts are positioned in a passageway or hallway. The alarm is designed to trigger when an object crosses the light’s path and disrupts the light beam.
  • Dual tech sensor – this sensor uses a combination of infrared technology and microwave technology to detect.

Nowadays, we often see camera surveillance signs put up on walls outside houses. Many people are adding cameras to their security system for more protection and coverage. Although this is not mandatory, it could boost security and deter criminals. You can opt for monitoring services and remote access if you are mostly away from home. The features and products of security systems will depend upon the home security company you choose.


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