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The city of Lafayette may have expected to be one of the biggest winners according to CNN Money’s list of Best Cities for Job Growth. Or it might have a cost of living lower than the US national average.  But is the city safe enough for you and your family?

  • The Lafayette crime index is 53% higher than the Louisiana average, which in itself is 24% higher than the national average.

  • There is a 1 in 17 chance of you becoming a victim in the city.

  • Lafayette is only safer than 4% of the cities in the nation (Neighborhood Scout).

  • The Lafayette property crime rate is 56% higher than the Louisiana average, which is 23% higher than the national average.

  • Lafayette also has a lower number of police officers per 1000 residents.

The crime rate may be high in Lafayette but that is no reason to unnecessarily worry, especially when you have installed an effective security system at home.

Protecting Your Home in Lafayette, LA

The first step is to know the type of system you want. If you are already living in the city, you might want to go for a wireless security system. This is easy to install and operate. On the other hand, if your house is under construction or renovation, you may consider a hardwired security system. There will be a lot of hassle due to the wiring required, but this system is generally considered to be more reliable and cost effective.

Once you have decided on the type that is best suited to your security needs, you need to make a list of the number of sensors, alarms and cameras you will need. This will depend on the number of potential entry points for intruders and the valuable items that you wish to protect.  Fire and gas alarms are one defensive measure that should not be ignored, especially if you have any gas burners or potential fire hazards.

Life in a city like Lafayette might be absolutely perfect, if the crime rate could be brought down. Play your part in making your city the ideal place to live for yourself and others.

Home Alarm Systems Lafayette

According to the Lafayette Police Department, the total number of crimes in the city jumped by 9% in one year alone (2012-2013). Auto thefts increased by 23% and thefts by 14%. This clearly shows that there is an urgent need for home security systems in Lafayette, LA.
 Home security systems consist of alarms that are designed to go off when unlawful entry is detected. This alerts the home owner as well as scares away the burglar. Home security systems do deter crimes and reduce the risk of home burglaries. Therefore, if you live in Lafayette, LA, consider installing a home security system.

Home Security Companies Lafayette

If you are considering installing a home security system then you have a lot of options to choose from. Angie’s list has 14 Top Rated Home Security Companies on its website. While online reviews and recommendations may help, they cannot beat first-hand information. Talk to your neighbors, friends and family and ask them about their home security companies, their experiences and recommendations. Whichever company you sign the contract with, simply remember: most expensive contract is not necessarily the most efficient way to protect your loved ones and property. So strike a balance between your home security needs and your monthly budget.

Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:I rent an apartment in Lafayette. Should I still consider a home security system?

A:An apartment could be your home and therefore it is important that you ensure the place you live in is safe. However, depending upon the design of your apartment it may not be necessary to purchase a complete security system; if it has limited entry/exit points then you might be ok with lesser equipment.

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