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Dorothy wasn’t kidding when she said “there’s no place like home”. In fact, out in the Midwest, Kansas is home to many All-Americans, who enjoy a rich national heritage as well as the flora and fauna of nature. Animal lovers and cowboy fans will also feel right at home with the vast expanses of farmland and ranches the state has to offer.

But do Kansans also feel safe at home?  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you live in Kansas, you may want to read the following information and consider installing a home security system.

Danger in the Sunflower State

The Wild West might still be alive in more ways than one for Kansans. In fact, there are many alarming statistics that show how dangerous life in this state can be. For example:

  • There were a total of 20,458 crimes committed in 2013. (FBI)

  • 89.18% of these crimes were property crimes. (FBI)

  • 3,383 burglaries and 468 robberies took place in 2013. (FBI)

  • According to the KBI (Kansas Bureau of Investigations), Kansas’ cities with less than 5,000 residents had an average of about 15 crimes per 1,000 residents per year from 2007 through 2011. For cities with more than 5,000 residents, however, the crime rate was more than triple the figure. (The Wichita Eagle)

Homeowners are also generally unaware of the fact that most home intrusions take place during the daytime while people are away at work. What is even less known is that these intrusions could be avoided if an effective alarm system is set up.

Protecting Homes in Kansas

Therefore, setting up a home security system could act as a useful deterrent against property related crime in Kansas. And such systems may also be easier to install and operate than most Kansans think.

Whether you set it up yourself (DIY) or get a professional to do it for you, you are in control of what kind of protection would best suit you and your loved ones. This is because home security systems may be simpler to customize. For example:

  • Fixed or portable - Systems could be wireless or hard-wired to a main control panel.

  • Monitoring - Companies may give an option to include third-party monitoring to send response teams when needed.

  • Range of Protection - There are several kinds of detectors you could install, that are designed to go off upon detection of unusual activity, like motion detectors or door/window contacts.

  • Bonus Components - Some companies may even offer surveillance cameras or panic buttons to ensure your safety.

Companies often provide technical assistance in case you are unsure how to use it or come across a defect somewhere. But whether the alarm is visual or audible, make sure your family knows how to respond when it goes off. And that may all be there is to it.

Home Alarm Systems Kansas

According to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, 17,158 burglaries took place in the state in 2013 alone. This is a very high number. This is in addition to other property related crimes. However, you do not need to become a part of the state’s 2015 crime statistics; simply install a home security system and reduce the chances of being burglarized.

A home security system, in addition to other equipment, consists of alarms that go off when unlawful presence is detected on the premises. In addition to burglar alarms, there are alarms for fire, poisonous gases such carbon monoxide, floods and more.

Home Security Companies Kansas

Angie’s list reports that there are 46 Top Rated Home Security Companies in Kansas. This is still a big number to narrow down your choice; you are after all looking for a company that suits your security needs and budget. Therefore, ask your neighbors which home security company they are using and whether they are satisfied with the service they are getting.

Home security companies in Kansas provide both wired and wireless systems. You also have the option between having an expert install the system or DIY. Whichever company you select for your family’s protection, make sure that it is authorized to conduct business in the state of Kansas and enjoys favorable customer reviews.



Q:What is the best way to start planning a home security system in Kansas?

A:Think like a burglar and protect your entry and exit points accordingly. Replace any locks if needed, and measure the surface area of the rooms inside that need to be covered by sensors. Also consider installing timer lights so that your house may appear occupied at all times. Hire the services of a security company, which provides value for money.

Q:What security measures in Kansas should I take if I've been burgled?

A:Immediately call 911. Inform them what has happened and whether you suspect the intruder is still on the premises. Wait for the police to arrive. Wait till they arrive so that they could do a thorough search of the place and make sure it’s clear. The next thing to do is to enter the house and check what’s been stolen. Do not touch anything; instead help the police identify missing items. If you are confronted by the intruder, do not panic or react aggressively.

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