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When it comes to land mass, Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States, with over 800 square miles, the 14th largest in the US by population and the largest city in Florida. The size is testament enough to the buzzing, full of activity life and the sheer energy this city offers.

But with the good, comes the bad. Here are a few statistics that may interest you:

  • Jacksonville is safer than only 10% of the cities in the US (Neighborhood Scout)

  • There is a 1 in 24 probability of you becoming a victim of property crime in the city as compared to the 1 in 31 chances for Florida (Neighborhood Scout)

  • A total of 7,632 cases of burglaries were reported in Jacksonville in 2012 (Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)

  • The ‘crimes per square mile’ for Jacksonville are at 45, which is a rate above the national median of 39.3 (Neighborhood Scout)

  • Not so sure about your safety now, are you? But instead of freaking out about the terrible things that could happen to you, it would be wise of you to do something to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    Home Alarm Systems, Jacksonville FL

    Did you know that Jacksonville’s rate per 1,000 for property crimes is higher than that of the United States in burglary and theft records for the year 2012? With such high property crime rates, you really cannot afford to take chances. What you need to invest in, is a burglar alarm.

    A burglar alarm could the solution to preventing the problem, before it occurs. There are two types of burglar alarm systems for you to choose from: Wired or wireless.

    A wired system is more suitable if you are in the process of constructing or renovating your house, since this requires rewiring. The difficulty of the installation process is sufficiently offset by the fact that these systems are generally considered more reliable.

    A wireless system on the other hand, is simple to install. An in house technician can easily do the job with the help of the product manual. There are, however, those rare instances, where the radio waves for this type of a system might be disrupted by other appliances in the house.

    The burglar alarm you choose will be dependent on your needs. You will need to pair it up with the relevant sensors and detectors to get 360 degree coverage.

    Home Security Companies in Jacksonville, FL

    When looking for alarm companies in Jacksonville, make sure they are registered and fulfill all requirements as set by the City of Jacksonville Municipal Code Section 168 and section 342. In addition to being registered under this statute, you should prefer companies that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This accreditation speaks of a certain standard of quality and integrity.

    Make sure you read your purchase agreement carefully and have a detailed discussion with your company regarding all the devices you plan on purchasing from them, the related warranties, customer service and any additional or hidden charges applicable.


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    *Source: fbi.gov
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