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How many states in the US can boast to being the birthplace of James Dean and Michael Jackson? The state of Indiana may be considered a great place to live. After all, it’s ranked the 15th best state for businesses and has a 1.7% job growth rate as of 2014 (Forbes)

But could this state also be considered a safe place to live? Indiana’s residents (aka “Hoosiers”) may disagree after reading the following information.


Indiana’s Crime Stats

Life in Indiana could be considered dangerous as 3,375 offenses are reported per 100,000 people. (Forbes)

But a detailed breakdown of the crime that takes place here may be far more revealing:

  • In 2013, there were a total of 210,527 offenses reported.

  • Among these offenses, about 89% were property-related. That’s 187,536 property crimes.

  • A total of 42,909 burglaries took place, which accounted for almost a quarter of property-related crimes.

  • There were also 7,108 robberies in 2013, which is an increase of 7.7% from the previous year’s figures. (DisasterCenter.com)

The figures above may be troubling for Hoosiers, but fortunately there may be several ways to keep crime off their doorstep.

How to Stay Safe in Indiana

One of the most effective and time-tested ways to stay safe is to install a home security system. Designed to protect homeowners from potential threats, both man-made and natural, home security systems come with various devices. These devices, which may be wireless or hard-wired together, contain sensors that could cover area within its range in order to detect a specific activity. If such activity is detected, the device may then sound an alarm and/or notify an optional monitoring service to send for help.

Home security systems are generally easy to install and employ sophisticated technology in order to prevent dangerous situations from taking place at home. However, these systems may also provide alarms that help increase protection even if an intruder breaks in. For example, a safe alarm, which is designed to reinforce protection for valuables hidden in a safe by alerting the owner if:

  • The safe is opened by an unauthorized person.

  • The safe has experienced any forceful impact.

  • The safe is moved from its place or tampered with.

  • Valuables are in danger of being damaged by rust, mildew or mold.

Choose the Right Company in Indiana

Usually the problem that most homeowners interested in buying a home security package face is choosing which company to buy it from.

However, there are some guidelines that Hoosiers could follow to make a well-informed decision:

  • Research about the various kinds of packages being offered in the market.

  • Find out if the companies offering these packages have been licensed and registered by Indiana’s alarm systems board.

  • Find out if a background check has been carried out on all the company’s employees.

  • Consult local police departments to see which alarm system they would recommend.

  • Ask whether the company offers extra features and services, such as monitoring, professional installation, customer support, home automation, etc.

Remember, crime can take place anywhere and happen to anyone. Therefore, investing in a home security system could be a step towards ensuring your safety and the safety of your loved ones.


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