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Illinois, popularly known as the “Land of the Lincoln”, is home to over 12 million residents. In recent years, this state has grown and has become a major economic hub. With numerous metropolitan areas and cities, Illinois can be a suitable place to live, study, and work.

The state offers some of the best entertainment services whether you are a local or a tourist. Illinois has a vibrant culture that reflects heritage and art. Did you know that the term “jazz” was coined here? While there are plenty of fun things to do here, becoming a resident of IL is a whole different story.

Crime in Illinois

Becoming a resident of Illinois will come with its own issues. The state has experienced a drastic decline in crime over the past few years. But no matter what Illinois neighborhood you live in, your chance of being a victim to property crime is 1 in 39. Thousands of people are robbed in their own homes each year. For many, the financial loss is recoverable, but the emotional stress and pain that comes in the aftermath may last a lifetime. Why put your family, your belongings, and property at risk?

You can reduce the risk of your home being burgled by installing a home security system. Some people are skeptical about security systems and remain doubtful at the idea of installing one.  But research has proved that installation of a home security system helps deter crime. The report, “The Impact of Home Burglar Alarm Systems on Residential Burglaries” reflects a decrease in home burglaries where home alarm systems are installed.

Passive Home Alarm Systems in IL

The first step to secure your home is choosing a home alarm system. There are many different types of systems available. It is crucially important that you install a system according to the size of your home and security needs. Sensors are the most important part of a security system. Without a device to “detect” intrusion, an alarm system is of no use.

Passive alarm systems work with the help of passive motions and passive detectors. Instead of emitting energy like active sensors do, passive sensors are designed to simply identify motion in the surrounding area and set off the alarm. Here are the main types of passive motion sensors:

  • Wireless passive motion sensors – this sensor is relatively easier to install as no wiring is required.

  • Standard passive motion sensor – detects heat and movement within a certain range.

  • Contact motion sensor – mainly used for doors and windows. The sensor can trigger the alarm every time a door or window is opened.

  • Video motion sensor – activates video camera when movement is detected within a certain range.

  • Combination motion sensor – uses passive and active technology.

  • Pet immune passive motion sensor – does not detect body heat from pets and prevents any false alarm.


  • When installing sensors, make sure you cover all the main entrance and exit points in your home.

  • Use light motion sensors for dark areas around your house or yard.

  • Make sure everyone in your house is aware of the sensors.

Home Security Companies in Illinois

With many certified home security systems in Illinois, finding a suitable service provider shouldn’t be a difficult task. However, before you select a company, make sure you check the company’s ratings/rankings, certification, and customer service availability or tech support.


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