Home Security Systems Huntington Beach CA

Winner of various awards such as the “Best Family Beach”, “Number One Family Surf Beach in the U.S.”, “Number One Best City to Live In”, “Number One Best Parade” and “One of the Top Five Destinations for Teenagers and Their Parents”, Huntington Beach, CA, is a renowned city to live in.


The city also has a low crime rate. But here’s the thing, a low crime rate is not exactly zero risk. As compared to the national median, the crime rate per square mile in Huntington Beach is still much higher – according to Neighborhood Scout. This means that  you really cannot afford to take chances. Therefore, defend your family and your lifestyle by getting yourself a home security system in Huntington Beach, CA.

Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Is Huntington Beach security systems law allow camera image as evidence?

A:Huntington Beach security systems allow camera image as evidence, because it is one of the ways used by law enforcement agencies to apprehend criminals. Due to the usefulness of CCTV footage, it's getting popular and gaining recognition with the law enforcement agencies and courts. Even, camera images can be presented in U.S. courts as evidence.

Q:Is there any charges in case there is a false alarm in Huntington Beach CA?

A:Yes, you may be charged for a false alarm if you live in Huntington Beach CA. According to the alarm ordinance of the city of Huntington Beach, the first two false alarms will not be fined. For the 3rd false alarm, a fine of $130 will be levied. For the fourth false alarm, $150 will be fined, and for the fifth false alarm, $200 will be fined. The amount will increase with number of false alarms.

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