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Greensboro, as the name suggests, is a scenic city located amongst the gentle rolling hills of North Carolina’s Piedmont. Despite being a metropolitan city, Greensboro is covered in greenery, making it a beautiful location to live. The city is steeped in American history and played a major part in the American Civil War and Civil Rights Movement.

As the one of the largest cities in North Carolina, along with its location in the center of the state, Greensboro is home to several leading companies, including the Honda Aircraft Company, Volvo Trucks, International Textile Company and the Lorillard Tobacco Company.

So the city, really does have it all; a thriving economy, rich history and scenic beauty. However, if you are planning to live there, be sure to get Home Security Systems  to ensure that you safe guard yourself from any potential threats.

Some first-time home security buyers are apprehensive about the uses and benefits of a home security system. This is largely due to the fact that they do not understand what a home security system is made of and how it works .

What is a home security system and how does it work?

A home security system is made up of interconnected devices. The system is designed to detect any form of intrusion and alert homeowners of a possible threat. There are many different types of security systems in the market. These may differ when it comes to the level of security provided and functionality. The following components are most likely to be found in a basic home security system:

  • Control panel

This is the brain of the system and is responsible for coordinating all attached components. The control panel is designed to enable homeowners to set and reset alarm codes, change settings of the sensors, and activate the system via keypad. Typically, the control panel is placed away from the eyes of intruders. For example, some homeowners may prefer to have it set up in the master bedroom.

  • Sensors

The sensors are the most important components of a security system. These devices are primarily designed to sense or detect intrusion or breach of security. There are any different types of sensors available. For example, you can opt for motion sensors that detect motion or movement. For added security, it is recommended you go for a combination of sensors that detect movement, sound, heat, infrared rays, and more.

  • Alarm

There is no point in having a sensor and a control panel if you do not have an alarm. Once a sensor has detected a breach of security, it will alert you by raising the alarm. Some alarms may make a loud sound that will alert the homeowners and the neighbors.

Installing a security system

There are two main types of alarm systems you can choose from, wired and wireless. If you opt for a wired alarm system , you will have to connect all the devices through hardwiring. This type of system is relatively easier to install in an under construction house. On the other hand, a wireless system operates via wireless technology. There are a number of DIY alarm systems you can choose from. The basic steps for installation are:

  • Identify the entry points that must be secured

  • Pick a place for the control panel, preferably in the master bedroom or near the main door

  • Place sensors and detectors around the house

  • In case of a wired system, connect all sensors to the control panel via wires

  • Test run the security system

  • Activate the security system

You can go for additional security system services such as surveillance cameras and monitoring. A number of security companies offer monitoring services for a monthly or annual fee. This means you will receive an alert from the monitoring company when your alarm goes off.

The type of system you go for will depend on our security needs and budget. If you face any difficulty during installation, call for professional help.

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