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Also known as the antique capital of Arizona, Glendale is a popular city located in the Maricopa County of Arizona. The city is notable for its many antique shops, warm climate, friendly people, and never-ending festivities.  The city has a number of renowned educational institutions, sports arenas, recreational attractions, and neighborhoods that may suit your lifestyle.

If you are considering moving to Glendale, the city’s crime rate should be an important part of your decision. Neighborhood Scout statistics show that there is a likelihood of a Glendale resident becoming a victim of property crime. Therefore, installing a home security system in Glendale, AZ, would be a wise investment.


When investing in a home security alarm system, there are a lot of factors you need to consider.

Consider the following:

Your options: You should look at the options you have. You could go for wired or wireless alarm systems or the combination of both. You could also go for a purely burglar alarm system or a comprehensive alarm system that include fire and gas protection too. Some home security companies will also give you the option of remotely accessing your home’s security features. 

The budget: This is going to play a major role in the company selection process. There are a lot of expensive companies in the market as well, along with low-cost ones. You need to calculate the amount you are willing to spend on home security equipment, and look for a company that fits your budget and equipment needs, both.

How does it work: You need to understand how the system would protect your home in order to take full advantage of it. Read through the equipment manual or ask your service provider to give you a detailed overview of how everything works.

Laws and regulations:

  • Alarm permits: Being a Glendale resident, you should know about any laws relevant to alarm systems. The City Council of Glendale has removed all alarm permits and application/renewal fees related to alarm systems. You are therefore no longer required to have an alarm permit in Glendale.

  • False alarms: In addition to permits, false alarms are another matter you should be concerned with. In Glendale, there is no penalty for the first false alarm in one year.  You will, however, receive a notification for every subsequent false alarm and should therefore consider making necessary amendments to avoid it in the future. You will be charged a false alarm assessment fee for more than 2 false alarms. In case of more than 10 false alarms within a period of 365 days, you will be charged with Class 1 misdemeanor.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov
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