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Fresno, the 5th largest city in the state of California, is known for its uniqueness and vibrant culture. For many, Fresno is the ideal place to live, not only for its Rogue festival and Mexican food, but mainly because of the vast employment prospects, affordable living costs, and nationally reputed educational institutes. The city has steadily grown into a major economic hub and is home to many industries.

Crime in Fresno

Studies and career are two of the main why most move to Fresno. But before anyone decides to relocate, it is always recommended to check the crime rates of the city. If you live in Fresno, home security is a huge concern. 1 in 19 people are a victim to property crime in this area. On the other hand, 1 in 182 people are a victim to violent crime. Approximately 26,548 property crime were reported in Fresno, making it only 5% safer than other cities. These statistics were provided by the Neighborhood Scout.

Home Security Systems in Fresno

Prevention is better than cure. You could protect your family and your home from intruders with a security system. According to Angies List, there are 123 home security companies in Fresno. So finding a service provider won’t be much of a hassle. Your money and time is valuable, so choose a company that offers the best deal. Some points you can keep in mind are:

  • Company ranking and recognition

  • Employee certification and licensure

  • Products and services

  • Customer reviews

  • Costs

Security Alarms in Fresno, CA

Security alarms come in different categories. An alarm is the most essential part of a home security system. After all, it’s the alarm that will alert you if there’s a break-in. A security alarm can be wireless or wired to the main system. You can choose an alarm according to your need, the size of your house, and your budget. Here are a few types of alarms you could look into:

Burglar alarm – this is the most common type of home alarm available. It is typically connected to a home security system. In some cases, whenever the alarm goes off, the system may automatically send a notification to you and the law enforcement. However, there are also bells-alarms available as well. These alarms only make a noise to alert you.

Fire Alarm – A fire alarm is designed to detect fires in homes. This alarm will go off in case of a fire, alerting you or the fire department as well.

Motion Detector Alarm – this alarm will go off when it detects movement within its proximity.

Wireless alarm – wireless alarms are gaining popularity fast. Such alarms are relatively easier to install and are most of the battery-powered.

Do- It- Yourself

Whether you want to add more alarms to your current home security system, or interested in getting a new system, you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional. You could conveniently find DIY alarms that can be installed easily. But make sure you consider all factors before selecting alarms. Nothing is more important than safety.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Do i have to pay to have my home security systems monitored by a security company in Fresno?

A:Security companies in Fresno have different charges for monitoring homes. Each security system normally offers a number of security features. Companies may provide basic or advanced security to homes and charge accordingly. In order to select the best security company, you may read user feedback online and see cost comparisons over the internet. It is also good to ask your family and friends to recommend you a good security company.

Q:Do i need an alarm permit to install an alarm system in Fresno CA?

A:Most cities in California require residential homeowners to acquire a permit for installing an alarm system. You can contact the local law enforcement agency or licensing authority about the exact requirements. You may have to pay a fee to acquire a permit. The fee charges will vary from place to place.

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