Home Security Systems Daly City CA

Daly City in California is a great place to live. Named after John Donald Daly, a prominent landowner and businessman, here you can avoid the big city-life stress and still be in close proximity to San Francisco. Why live in a congested city neighborhood when you can settle down in a quiet and peaceful place right next to it?

The city is beautiful with stunning views and has a plethora of outdoor activities. Due to a stable infrastructure, there are many employment opportunities available. With affordable housing, choosing a neighborhood that best fits your family’s needs won’t be an issue. However, housing and employment aren’t the only things you need to check when moving to this city. Daly City has a problem with crime and residents should look into home security systems, if they don’t have one installed already.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Can i still have pets in the house and use my home security systems in Daly City?

A:Some security companies in Daly City also offer security systems that are pet friendly. Special sensors are installed in home security systems to prevent false alarms which may occur due to the movement of pets. Security systems may come with additional features such as cameras to keep an eye on your pets when you are away from home

Q:Can i take my alarm systems with me when i move from Daly City CA to any other city?

A:It is possible for you to take your alarm systems with you when you move from one city to another. However, your system should not be hard wired into the ground. Plus, sometimes it's cost effective to install a new system, instead of moving the old one. You can contact your security company to get assistance on the cost of moving the system and installing a new one.

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