Home Security Systems Concord CA

Living in Concord, California, may be everything you’re looking for. Birthplace of the famous Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks, this city also boasts a vibrant downtown atmosphere at Todos Santos Plaza. Here you may find free summer concerts and high rated restaurants for the entire family to enjoy.

However, life is not all like a box of chocolates here. Crime is on the rise in this city, with almost two thousand property related crimes reported in 2013 (FBI). Residents concerned about the safety of their loved ones should consider taking extra precautions, and one of the best methods for keeping criminals away from homes is to install a home security system.



Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov


Q:Is Concord security systems law allow camera image as evidence?

A:Concord security systems law allows camera image as evidence, as camera images are being used in homes and businesses for various purposes. Even police officers and law enforcement agencies are making use of camera images to solve criminal cases and find the real culprits. Although, courts accept camera image as evidence, it needs to meet a certain criteria to be used as evidence in the court.

Q:Is there any charges in case there is a false alarm in Concord CA?

A:The City of Concord has acquired an Alarm Ordinance, which explains the alarm policy. Moreover, it outlines what is considered excessive false alarms. You can also find the procedure for fees and charges for excessive alarms on the City of Concord website. The Police Department is not discouraging the use of alarm systems, but it is asking people to use it responsibly.

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