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Looking for a great place to live and work? You could do worse than Ohio’s state capital and the 15th largest city in the U.S.: Columbus. According to various nation-wide rankings, this city seems to have it all. As one of the nation’s most diverse economic hubs, Columbus is ranked second for job creation; fifth for finding employment; fourth for young adults; first for working mothers; third for fashion design; first for tech jobs; and first for—of course—economic strength. (CPD Annual Report 2012)

Also known as the Discovery City (hence the name of the city), Columbus seems to be everywhere in America’s top ten. But what about the ranking that is less known about Columbus, such as how its crime rate (3,841.25) is significantly higher than the Ohio average crime rate (1,751.46) as well as the national average crime rate (1,723.80)? (USA.com)

Shocked? Then read the following information, particularly if you’re already a resident, and understand why you may need a home security system.

Crime in Columbus

Residents of Columbus may enjoy various opportunities in the thriving city, but such opportunities matter very little if your personal wellbeing is at stake. Therefore, you may want to consider the following facts and figures if you live there:

  • The Burglary Unit of the CPD (Columbus Police Department) reported 20,519 cases in 2012. In fact, this unit alone deals with around 10,000 burglaries annually, investigating more felonies than any other law enforcing body in the state. (CPD Annual Report 2012 and 10TV)

  • It has also been revealed that burglaries tend to happen more often during the daytime while people are away at work, and that criminals often live in the same neighborhood as their victims. (10TV)

  • Therefore, there are around 27 break-ins every day and one victim of a burglary reported every hour. (10TV)

Also, beware of certain neighborhoods in Columbus that are considered dangerous to live in:

  • The top five neighborhoods with the worst crime rates in 2013 were Districts 83, 84 and 81 in Franklinton on the West Side; District 54 in South Linden; and District 122 on the Near East Side. (The Columbus Dispatch)

  • In one month, one part of Franklinton experienced over 50 crimes, most of which were burglaries. (10TV)

  • In District 83, the crime rate was 1,679 per 10,000 people: specifically 218 assaults, 111 burglaries and 46 robberies.

  • District 83 in Franklinton also had the highest rate in 2012, and the third-highest in 2011. (The Columbus Dispatch)

How to Prevent a Break-in

One of the best ways a Columbus resident could protect himself and his loved ones from a home invasion is to protect the home itself. Thus, investing in a home security system could keep one’s family safe against criminals.

Such a system is usually easy to set up, whether it’s hard-wired or wireless. You could get a professional to install it for you or do it yourself. However, the basic set-up includes the following:

  • Sensors: These detect unusual activity within its range, such as motion detectors and door/window contacts.

  • Alarms: Sensors trigger these audible or visual alerts to warn people in the immediate vicinity.

  • Keypad: This is the primary user interface that allows the system to be set on or off.

  • Main Control Panel: This operates the system by connecting all the sensors and alarms together.

You could also get additional components or services such as surveillance cameras and third-party monitoring. This may be useful in calling for help in case of emergencies or even provide documented evidence of a break-in later. Such systems usually work around the clock to ensure thorough protection and keep your Columbus experience as hassle free as possible.

Home Alarm Systems Columbus

There are numerous benefits of installing a home security system. Be it Columbus or any other city in the United States, the requirements to protect homes are more or less the same. Columbus being a state capitol has a vibrant population, with a relatively high crime percentage. To protect your home and property in Columbus, home alarm systems are a necessity. In case of home alarm systems, the most expensive may not be the most effective. And homeowners should never confuse the latest technology with the best coverage. There is a perfect alarm system for every home. Homeowners just need to be savvy enough to separate the good from the bad.

Home Security Companies Columbus

According to Angie’s List, there are around 50 top rated home security companies in the Columbus area. In addition to checking online, there are quite a few ways in which homeowners can check the credibility of a company. Some of the most common ways of judging a company’s service before signing on the dotted line is to check what others think. Getting opinions from family and friends is much more useful than from some faceless user online. Homeowners could also check what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the home security company. By opting for DIY home security systems, homeowners could bypass this hassle and do all the installation themselves. However, even with the DIY option, it is better to check how reliable the home security equipment is.



Q:How do I find out more information about using my home security system in Columbus OH?

A:If you would like to learn more about using your home security system, you could go through the instruction manual that came with the box. You could also call customer service or email the home security company you purchased it from. If you don't remember their contact details, you could refer to the instruction manual or to the company's website. It's best to consult with the professionals first.

Q:How much is alarm monitoring in Columbus OH each month?

A:The alarm monitoring charges depend on the company you are using. On average, a simple home monitoring system might cost as little as $10 per month or go as high as $59 per month. The larger and more recognized the company is, the higher may be the costs.

Q:Does the security systems still work when power is out in my area in Columbus Ohio?

A:Yes, your security systems should continue to work up to 24 hours provided that you have a battery backup. But it also depends on the type of security system you have set up. For example, if you have a hard-wired system that relies on phone lines or a wireless alarm system that uses cellular radio frequencies, then most likely your alarms will continue working using battery backups. However, security systems that use Internet or VolP communications may be more vulnerable as a power outage means their main means of communications—the Internet—will break down too.

Q:I recently sold my home. how do i cancel my home security system service in Columbus OH?

A:Simply call up customer service for instructions, or call up your home security company directly to request your service to be cancelled. Don't get pressurized by anything they may say to prevent you from cancelling, be it fear tactics or offer of a better package. You may listen, but eventually the choice is up to you.

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