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Also known as the “The Capital of Southern Hospitality”, Columbia is the largest city in the state of South Carolina. It is home to over 130,000 residents and has developed into a major metropolitan city. Columbia is a great place for visitors as well as residents, especially those who enjoy warm and sunny weather. Apart from the weather, living in this wonderful city comes with many benefits. The city has built repute for being an excellent place to live and work.

Crime and the Capital of Southern Hospitality

One of the major concerns of residents living in Columbia is the crime rate. According to a report released by the FBI, approximately 8,632,512 property crimes were reported across the nation in 2013. Burglary accounted for 22.3% of all property crimes.

If you live in Columbia, or plan to move here, it is important that you are aware of the crime rates here. According to facts provided by Neighborhood Scout, 1 in 17 residents are a victim to property crime. 39.3 crimes are reported per square mile, making Columbia only 4% safer than other cities across the nation.

How to Stay Safe in Columbia

The Police Department of Columbia is working hard to reduce crime in the city, but that doesn’t mean you let your guard down. It is always recommended that you take the necessary steps to protect your family and home. After all, your family’s safety is your responsibility.

According to Angies List, there are around 183 security companies registered in Columbia. These companies provide various services for home security systems Columbia. You can also ask your friends and family and get as much information before selecting a service provider. Important points to keep in mind are:

  • Company license and certification

  • Licensed employees

  • Costs and other fees

  • Services

  • Products

  • Customer reviews

Are Security Cameras Necessary?

Nowadays, many people have cameras installed along with basic security systems in their home. The first question many ask is regarding the effectiveness of a camera in preventing crime. Cameras help deter crime to a certain extent. According to a research conducted by the Urban Institute, areas with surveillance cameras reported a decline in criminal activities.

Apart from deterring crime, you can use cameras to keep an eye on your kids, watch the babysitter while you’re away, and know who’s at your door before you open.

Types of Cameras:

  • Indoor Cameras – These are specifically designed for indoor purposes. Some may offer 360 degree coverage and can monitor a wide area.

  • Fixed Lens Cameras – This camera is designed to focus on a specific area, and is best for capturing high quality images.

  • Outdoor Cameras – These cameras are typically more durable and weather resistant. These can be placed around the house according to your needs.

  • Motion Detector Cameras – This camera starts recording as soon as it triggers any form of movement in its range.

  • Infrared Night Vision Cameras – This camera is designed to use infrared illumination to capture images and video in dark areas.

DIY Security Systems in Columbia

CCTV cameras and security cameras are also available in wireless technology. This means you can easily put up cameras around the house without professional help - if you know what you’re doing.  Before you head out to buy home security cameras, get as much information as you can. You can search online and also ask friends and family members.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov
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