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Named after the Colorado River, the state of Colorado encompasses the northeastern part of the Colorado Plateau as well as the Southern Rocky Mountains. Not very long ago, Colorado used to be an agricultural and mining state; however, it has evolved to become an economy that is driven primarily by the service industries and also by manufacturing. Overall, Colorado provides for a pleasant place to live and work, with various employment opportunities in different sectors, a favorable climate and friendly people. However, the state also has a negative side to it, which is the high crime rate.


Crime in Colorado

Let’s look at a few numbers with regards to crime in Colorado. These statistics have been compiled by Neighborhood Scout for the year 2012.

  • Your chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Colorado are 1 in 37.

  • A total of 139,270 property crimes and a total of 16,023 violent crimes were reported.

  • 18.8% of the property crimes were burglaries, 72.5% were thefts and 8.7% were motor vehicle thefts.

  • A median of 42 annual crimes were reported per square mile.

These numbers should only worry you if you have not installed a security system in your house; as in that case you are quite likely to become a victim of property crime.

False Alarms

A false alarm is an alarm triggered by equipment malfunction, human error or any reason other than an actual emergency. False alarms cause substantial losses in terms of wastage of resources and regulations have been passed in order to minimize the damages caused. Some of the most common human errors include:

  • Improper training of authorized users.

  • Entering incorrect key-pad codes.

  • Failing to close windows and doors properly before activating the system.

  • Failing to restrain pets or children from entering areas with active motion sensors.

  • Failing to carry out regular maintenance of alarms and its equipment.

However, there are certain measures that you can take to avoid false alarms as far as human errors go; these include:

  • Ensure that all members of the household are familiar with the operations and codes of the security system.

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are properly closed before activating the system.

  • Carry out maintenance procedures of your security system on a regular basis.

  • Be aware of the changes in environment and how they may affect the system.

  • Periodically upgrade old or outdated equipment.

These are just few of the steps that you can take to ensure that no false alarms are triggered by your system.   

Alarm Companies in Colorado

According to News 5, 97% of the burglary calls responded to by the Colorado Springs police in 2011 and 2012, were false alarms. In view of these alarming statistics, regulations have been passed and different procedures developed to minimize the wastage of resources caused by false alarms. There are various alarm system monitoring companies operating in Colorado which now use enhanced call verification procedures and impose heavy fines for false alarms.


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