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The 4th largest city in Tennessee may have a strange name, but Chattanooga is considered by many to be a very progressive city. Here, the preservation of flora and fauna at the magnificent Smoky Mountains and Tennessee River watershed has rightfully earned this city the nickname “Scenic City”, while the development of various industries has made it a popular destination for budding entrepreneurs as well.


But there may be one area where Chattanooga may not want to be seen as most progressive. Crime could be on the rise here, with the city ranked 11th among the 20 most dangerous cities in US in 2010 (Times Free Press) Fortunately, residents looking to protect their families from harm may find a number of ways to combat crime from their very doorstep, but one of the most popular methods to keep criminals away from homes is to install a home security system. Surprised? Then you may want to read the following information.

Crime in Scenic City

Did you know that there are 4,212 crimes per 100,000 residents in Chattanooga? (Forbes)

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The FBI statistics below show the extent of crime which took place in this city in 2013:

  • There were a total number of 6,116 offenses reported, with 13.7% violent crimes and 86.3% property crimes.

  • Among the 5,279 property crimes committed, 20.8 % were burglaries (1,098 offenses) and 71% were larceny thefts (3,746 offenses).

  • Among the 837 violent crimes committed, 25.8% were robberies (216 offenses) and 69.4% were aggravated assaults (581 offenses).

Daily Finance ranked Chattanooga’s King Street as the 10th most dangerous neighborhood to live in the country in 2010, with a violent crime rate of 110.79 per 1,000 people and one’s chances of becoming a victim there 1 in 9. East Lake area is also notorious for its high crime rates.

Get Home Protection in Chattanooga, TN

Given the crime outlook in this city, you may be wondering how to protect your family and property if you’re a resident of Chattanooga. This is where home security systems come in.

Home security systems, in a nutshell, are all-rounded means of protection for your entire house because it covers all possible entry points and hiding spots through the use of sensors. These sensors may vary according to what kind they are and what activity it detects, but once these devices sense any unusual movements, say by a burglar who comes up the driveway when nobody’s at home, an alarm is triggered. This alarm, be it visual or audible, may immediately alert the family or anyone in the vicinity to the presence of an unwanted person. Such alarms may also be accompanied with a signal sent to a monitoring service to send for the police right away.

Therefore, home security systems could be very useful in not only deterring criminals from attacking your home but also catching them in the act red-handed. And these systems may incorporate all kinds of technology, from the most basic to the highly sophisticated state of the art. Take the trip wire alarm for example. While these alarms are basic enough to allow for DIY installation, there are also types that may use invisible infra-red laser beams or radio frequencies instead of a cord or a string to trigger the alarm.

Choose Your Company Carefully in Chattanooga

Here are a few guidelines that may help select the right home security provider:

  • Always go for companies that are licensed and registered. This ensures that you are dealing with trained personnel who have gone through a background check.

  • Ask your local police department what kind of permits you need to get and what are the charges for any false alarms triggered.

  • Estimate your own security needs by taking a complete survey of your home, counting off all possible entry points and blind spots.

  • Consult your neighbors and friends if they use any home security systems, and if so, whether they would recommend it.

Getting a home security system is only one of many things you could do to keep criminals and tragedy away from your loved ones. But if you choose wisely, it may be the only thing you need for a safe and peaceful existence in the scenic Chattanooga.


Population Violent Crime Robbery Aggravated Assault
BurglaryLarceny TheftMurderProperty Crime
*Source: fbi.gov
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